Based on a popular historical legend, Prince Salim has a passionate love affair with a beautiful, sassy commoner.

Shahenshah Jalaudin Akbar is the grandson of Babbar, and the son of Humayun. He is known to have ruled over Hindustan with a humane and just heart. He knew in order to garner the support of... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Anarkali torrent reviews

Stefano C (us) wrote: Pi che di un horror si tratta di un film romantico a tinte misteriose ed un po' gotiche, che riesce anche ad allontanarsi a sufficienza dai canoni del genere per risultare interessante. Molto bravi i due protagonisti, buone la regia e la sceneggiatura a mio avviso. Consigliato.

Paul D (fr) wrote: A nice costume romp, but an average adventure.

Jenny X (de) wrote: dissapointing movie. Although steven seagal did everything in this movie to show off his combat skills, seeing as he also produced the movie, this was no surprise. He talked in a annoying monotone throughout the movie. even the script seems to get repetive, as the same thing is said 3 times during the movie. In the end it all becomes terribly predicatble.

John R (br) wrote: 151224: An action packed and violent ending to a seemingly complex yet flawed story. None of the characters are particularly intelligent or endearing but there is a sickening satisfaction with how it all winds up. Sadly, those behind this film try to associate it to Christmas, which it isn't. Good thing for Rudy so few police are on patrol after such a spectacular robbery. This story is pretty weak but does feature some great action near the end.

Raymond T (mx) wrote: not good. it was an unwise idea to transistion Zeo to Turbo in a movie form, not only that, but bad movie form. this doesn't have the same spark of awesome that the Mighty Morphin movie had. whats worse is that this movie isn't even available on Netflix! so if you don't own a copy, head to piratebay!

James M (es) wrote: Animated ecological sermon, not the best work from Hanna-Barbera.

Glen R (gb) wrote: Does not have the Tim Burton magic touch.

Klea P (es) wrote: SUPER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Brian K (fr) wrote: Cloaked in Bergman's signature contemplative gloom, Through the Glass Darkly has a confessional quality that makes it one of his strongest features.

Ice R (it) wrote: Barely entertainment.

Todd S (au) wrote: Some comedies are hilarious, others are down right stupid, and then there is the story of Rich Johnson (Cam Gigandent). Like most men, Rich only thinks with his penis, and it often gets him into trouble, so one night, Rich makes a wish that his penis would leave him alone, and that's exactly what it does. Rich's penis detaches, and comes to life in the form of a walking, talking, human being. In the beginning, this film is an absolute riot, but how many penis jokes can you squeeze into a 90 minute film? Eventually Bad Johnson deteriorates into an eighth graders favorite movie, and becomes really tiresome, but in the insanity, something emerges, (besides Rich's penis), Cam Gigandent. I've seen Gigandent around, and he's usually playing the good looking guy, who's roles really doesn't have much substance, until now. As is the case with most actors, it takes time to find their niche, but Gigandent's may very well be comedy. He was the level headed one, who really blurts out the hysterical line when it is sorely needed, and he was far better than Nick Thune, the man who literally was playing a penis. Bad Johnson isn't the kind of film you'll want to see twice, the jokes are old before the film is even over, but if you're looking for a few good, cheap laughs, this film is absolutely perfect.

Felipe A (fr) wrote: There's no exceptional acting... there's no exceptional plot... there's no exceptional anything! Criminally overrated.

Stephen J (us) wrote: 90min of Don Knots doing silly facial expressions = avoid

Tyler E (us) wrote: i didn't really like it that much, watch fire and ice