Anatomia milosci

Anatomia milosci


  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:92 minutes
  • Release:1972
  • Language:Polish
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:jealousy,   love,   sex,  

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Anatomia milosci torrent reviews

Rafael R (nl) wrote: The story fails on all fronts, Mandy & Martin have zero chemistry. This movie is obnoxious and cliched.

Larisa L (it) wrote: far from being boring and judgmental, this is an engaging and funny film, grounded in compassion, kindness and humanity.without being preachy, reverend billy of the church of stop shopping preaches the true meaning of christmas--love and peace. you don't have to be a christian to appreciate that.this is one of my favorite holiday movies.

Neil James C (it) wrote: Caution guys! This movie should be understood beyond its chambers of the jail! It proves interracial love do exist and eventhough the ending is quite shocking! Its expresses that when one finds true love, it encourages someone to find and stick with it!

Griffin B (ru) wrote: As bad as Hannibal was, this is just embarrassing.

Rupa B (ag) wrote: Couldn't get through it so I just gave up less than an hour in.

Andrew S (it) wrote: This movie was okay, far from great.

josh m (us) wrote: First Japanese Godzilla movie I watched still served up the action I expected to see. Godzilla 2000 is an average to great Godzilla movie. It does not have the best monster fights, but proves itself worthy of praise. Ultimately it destroys the bad reputation Roland Emmerich's terrible incarnation of the monster, along with its stupid plot and its lack of godzilla.

Terri H (es) wrote: No thankyou - Not interested.

Logan M (ca) wrote: At over 2 and a half hours, "Nashville" isn't too long, it"s not long enough. I never wanted this grand blend of character motivation, humor, and country music to end.

Sgt C (it) wrote: (32%)Yet another self aware modern-day spin on 1950's giant creature horror movies that thanks to much cheaper visual effects are constantly being churned out these days. This it must be said is one of the better examples. The cast is likeable, there's very little in terms of filler, and you get the feeling that they at least tried to make an enjoyable product here and not just a quick money spinner that only offers its fun/silly title and nothing really more besides. It's a short sit at just under 1 hour 20 mins which is plenty, there's lots of spider based carnage, a fun cameo, and really if you expected more from this than what you actually get then you're a fool.

Mereie d (de) wrote: Hilarious comedy from the mid-seventies. Very cliched at times, but genuinely funny at the same time. I thought some elements were a bit too serious and/or melodramatic for a film so full of slapstick-like fun (Gator should have gotten the girl in the end; Greenfield shouldn't have died, etc.). But what the heck: it is really funny - how can you even invent characters like Smiley and Bones? This is just good fun, full stop.

Kasia B (nl) wrote: Beautiful, sensual and absolutely delicious.

Lovro H (kr) wrote: I don't usually give found-footage movies such high ratings, but I thought this one was just awesome! JeruZalem follows two best friends, Sarah and Rachel, on their trip to Tel-Aviv, but upon meeting Kevin, an anthropologist, in the plane to Israel, they decide to go with him to Jerusalem. Things are normal for the most part in the first 40 minutes, but there's lots of foreshadowing and neat little details in those first 40 minutes about what will happen in the last 40 minutes. The story is interesting, though there isn't any real explanation as to why what's happening is happening, which I found a bit dissapointing, but as I watched the movie I didn't even care, to be honest. The characters are well developed, though you won't find yourself getting emotionally invested in them. The direction is actually pretty cool! For a movie that's recorded from the first person point of view and which has shaky camera, it's done really well. It never crossed the line in that subject. The atmosphere of the movie is great and the locations look very creepy at times, especially the asylum and the cave part. The CGI is noticeable. It's mediocre at best, but it didn't bother me at all because it was actually scary! I liked the Glass approach to the subject, I hadn't seen something like that done before, so it was quite cool. All in all, a surprisingly awesome and, at times, even scary horror movie with some plot and CGI flaws, but I don't think it will effect the viewing experience that much.