Anatomia Upadku

Attempt to explain the causes of a plane crash that killed Polish president and 95 others, including many Polish military, politicians and clergy.

  • Category: Documentary
  • Stars:
  • Uploader: Fakyougo
  • Writer: Anita Gargas

Attempt to explain the causes of a plane crash that killed Polish president and 95 others, including many Polish military, politicians and clergy

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Users reviews

Andrew S (nl)

From adrenaline, love, suspense, empathy, enmity, etc. I don't have many movies which I love that do such a great job of encompassing such a broad pallette of emotions. Maybe my love of this film is a more nostalgic love, yet I still watch this film and love/feel every moment almost as if its my first time watching it. From the action, drama, and suspense to the sound track, visuals, and story. But still to this day (as I am currently watching it again at 26) this movie is an amazing blend of every aspect that makes a good movie. My father and I watched it together the first time, since my sisters were a few years younger and he didn't want want them to see the violent scenes. Have watched this movie multiple times after first seeing it when I was 10

bill s (fr)

This is a prime example. very few if any horror movie need to be franchises. . . . . This bastardizes the first

Guilherme J (fr)

Temtica relevante e cenrios lindos que mereciam um roteiro melhor

James B (jp)

nyone for some Orange soda!. I'm still trying to figure out how I can invest in Boobaru. But it makes me laugh so hard I cry. I'm not sure what it is about this movie

Jeff N (gb)

See Also: One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest, Cool Hand Luke. An independent cinema staple, and a more heady 70s version of Rebel Without a Cause. Nicholson's break through performance still has a fresh take on manhood. Understated character study about inner states and the United States

JoEy M (mx)

Good cast. Probably better than The Holiday, and this is only made for TV. Not a bad romantic movie

Johnny L (nl)

It has clever things to say about America's culture of faith and is full of humor for those familiar with the church scene

Lia M (ca)

he's human like all the rest of us!!!. She shows us how talented she is. I love the fact that Katy Perry let us be a part of her world in this movie

Lyndsey S (us)

Whats with the lesbian scene and why those kids always smiling like freaks when they turn out to be normal in the end?!!!! Absolute rubbish, mad that i spent 95mins of my life on it. This is the shittest film I have ever forced myself to watch to the end

Megan S (mx)

i loved this movie when i saw it on disney! its sooo good!!!