Anatomy of a Relationship

Anatomy of a Relationship

A woman's feminist awakening drives an intellectual couple to a relationship crisis.

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Anatomy of a Relationship torrent reviews

Brandon B (nl) wrote: this was an amazing movie!!!! This is a must watch!!!

pedro t (ag) wrote: A peculiar offering but Garcia Bernal is so watchable that you are kept interested...some hilarious moments and overall an inventive movie with real charm...

Naughtia N (it) wrote: This movie touched some very interesting factors about the mystical Loch Ness Monster. Ted Danson stars as an US scientist who travels to Scotland with the agenda to prove the existence of the Loch Ness monster. This movie was easy going and interesting, I liked the story and the fine touch of humour it has.

Gary T (kr) wrote: The most over rated film of all time. I gave it an extra star for being important to film history, but it doesn't even come close to standing the test of time. It's really really boring. No one in it can act.

Josh B (it) wrote: Though this movie does have its downs, I feel like the ups definitely outweigh them. Kristen Stewart surprisingly is very strong in her role as a Military newcomer who ends up being one of the Guantanamo Bay guards. She is assigned the duty to guard a man named Ali (Peyman Moadi). He also delivers a great performance. The dialogue between the two is both dramatic and humorous but can sometimes feel drawn out. I do not find this as too much of a flaw though because of the type of movie it is trying to be. I like to view this more as a 2 person dialogue through the cold metal bars of a prison than a full blown movie with a plot. As a movie I would rate this 2 stars, but as a demonstration of acting and the inside of a prison, I rate it 4 stars. It has exceptional acting and an exceptional performance of these 2 totally different human beings who form a very unlikely friendship. Good job Peter Sattler, you did a good job if your goal was to grab the viewers attention in an emotional and cant stop watching way. Even someone who views this drama as boring will most likely stay to the end of the movie and find themselves asking questions and wondering what happens later on, and asking themselves questions about both characters. Now isn't that the goal with most movies? To make the viewers think and wonder? What starts as boring, ends with wonder and amazement. The end scene is great, and although predictable, definitely not cheesy.