Anchorman: The Legend Of Ron Burgundy

Anchorman: The Legend Of Ron Burgundy

It's the 1970s, and San Diego super-sexist anchorman Ron Burgundy is the top dog in local TV, but that's all about to change when ambitious reporter Veronica Corningstone arrives as a new employee at his station.

Ron Burgundy, the most famous person on TVs in the 1970s. But everything changes quickly when an ambitious woman appears. What will the apperance of this woman lead to? Let's come to the movie to find the answer to this question . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Andrew S (us) wrote: a follow up film of the series of the same name pleases fans and adds an interesting twist on the science fiction genre. i loved the original series when it debuted and found it refreshing and original, the film ignores the second seasons faults (endless eight) and fits more in the form of the first season. great animation and story telling. hope to see another follow up in the adventures of haruhi suzumiya

Tony D (mx) wrote: Nice story, bad animation

Tiber C (kr) wrote: Please don't see this movie. Watch the tv show itself.

James H (ca) wrote: Jack Lemmon is always worth tuning into. He is one of those very very few actors who has never made an awful film. His teaming with Marcello Mastroianni is a good one and it is great to see two wonderful actors work together. The first half of the film is much better than the second half, but overall the film is worth watching.

David M (br) wrote: Wonderful moments. Wonderfully realized characters. Wonderfully acted by DeNiro, Duvall, Meredith, Durning and Cusack. Wonderful recreation of a period. Horrible continuity and plot. Botched ending. Not a wonderful film.

David C (ru) wrote: Anthony Quinn's title character is a force of nature, and the rest of the people in the movie are tossed and buffeted helplessly by his whims. The writer played by Alan Bates is stunned into almost catatonic inaction by the strange, harsh society he encounters on Crete. The pervasive unpleasantness of the place even dims Zorba's spirit until the only option apparent to either character is to embrace their powerlessness over their surroundings. Irene Papas is excellent but underutilized as a nearly-silent widow.

Mark N (fr) wrote: Overlong and overambitious for sure but certainly with a lot of heart and merit. One of those movies you might only ever watch once and enjoy to an extent but not one you find yourself wanting to return to. If nothing else it helps remind you what year Columbus discovered American and all the people who already lived there.