And a Warm Heart

And a Warm Heart

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And a Warm Heart torrent reviews

Moore S (nl) wrote: not bad at all. great cast, good themes

Naval Singh C (fr) wrote: Very Rappcheek Movie. Hot Mallika.

Yoel D (es) wrote: Brilliant. Accurate. Good acting. Inspirational.

Ian M (fr) wrote: It is a beautifully acted film, and the lead character's confusion and heart being torn in all directions is so true to life. It's also a very educated film with all the subject matter that is touched on. Oh, and maybe the best shower scenes of any movie!! Yummy!

familiar s (es) wrote: Beware of SPOILERS:It's tough to agree to sit to watch a romantic movie. Not really my cup of tea. But then IMDb had described this as a Thriller too, and so I decided to give it a go. And I'm glad I did. A simple story of troubles arising out of an infatuated teenager's misinterpretations of a married doctor's feelings. However, it's the slick execution that elevates the tempo of the plot & helps maintain the interest in this simple story. I liked how the writers made it as realistic as possible (instead of offering it as a no-brainer entertainer), and made such a crazy story believable enough with relatively few plot-holes. First, the story is told from Anglique's point of view, and thereafter the real circumstances are revealed. Although they don't come as twists as you kinda know what's in store, the effect is still amazing. I didn't like Amelie, but this one's exceptionally good. Indeed, well worth the risk. I was prepared for yet another disappointment, but it didn't come to that. It succeeded in overcoming my negative expectations. Entertaining stuff & a splendid experience. Of course, time & mood has played their role in it too. Some other day, I might have panned this flick for the very same reasons I appreciated it. Mood swings. For now, it's 7/10.

Alexander P (de) wrote: Great cast and a decent beginning just fades into a mediocre finish enjoyed first 45 mins then just lost interest - few funny moments, no real character building - ok

Dan B (jp) wrote: Ultra bore-fest, incredibly pretentious and dull.

Lucas B (kr) wrote: This movie was a bit hard to understand but once you get the hang of it, it's pretty damn good.

Ivan C (es) wrote: It was a great movie.

Tatsuhito K (de) wrote: The premise is very intriguing and an intelligent one, and there are some sequences that truly startled me. I love both Ewan McGregor and Eva Green and they do make an appealing couple whom you care on an emotional level. It's an interesting piece of work that is well-directed, well-thought out, and thought-provoking. Not a groundbreaking film, but it is an effectively spine-tingling film.