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And Now a Word from Our Sponsor

Adan Kundle, CEO of a major advertising agency, is discovered unconscious in front of a wall of TVs. When he wakes in the hospital, Adan can only communicate through advertising slogans.

An advertising CEO wakes up in the hospital speaking only in ad slogans. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Dinesh P (fr) wrote: The film is remake of an Korean Movie. The cat and mouse game between two main protagonist make you wonder who is the villian. A nice story well shot and made except for the love scenes between Shraddha and Siddarth as it looks too contrived. Worth a watch.

Brandon T (mx) wrote: Well performed, but was a longing bore.

Larry L (au) wrote: It's good. Don't watch it.

Hrant B (de) wrote: Grilled follows two salesmen, Kevin and Ray, try sell meat and meat freezers. They go door to door till they meet Sofia Vergara and here is the kicker she makes out with Ray Romano. Later in the movie we find out she was originally a man who had a sex change operation. In the end the boys make a deal with the mafia played by Burt Reynolds. The storyline is poor, the actors are as good as the action but overall it was not worth it.

Nikki M (fr) wrote: I LOVE this movie... Tatentino is pure genius... I am so glad I didnt see it in the cinema, I dont think that I could have waited so long for the second installment! A must see!!!

Fran v (kr) wrote: One of the best films ever. Should go down as a classic.

Jennifer D (it) wrote: I watched this for Rosalind Russell... sadly, it was not all Rosalind could be. Cute in some ways, but still eh. TOTALLY DUG the 60s outfits and hair, however.

Ashley H (ca) wrote: Lured has great film-noir. George Sanders and Lucille Ball have perfect chemistry. The movie will keep you guessing until the end. This "rediscovered" classic from 1947 has one of Lucille Ball's best dramatic roles of her career. A Jack-the-Ripper-like serial killer is looking for and murdering beautiful young women, and Lucille Ball's characters friend is the killer's latest victim. Wanting desperately to help the police find the brutal murderer, she is hired by Scotland Yard to become a decoy for the killer, who lures his victims through newspaper advertisements. Lots of plot twists keep the movie exciting to the end.

Jeremiah L (nl) wrote: Much better than I expected, though it's not a musical. O'Hara and Ball are perfect.

Mike R (it) wrote: Hoffman makes it tolerable.

Greg S (gb) wrote: The life of an unemployed underground cartoonist who lives with his shrewish mother and mobbed-up dad and lusts after a saucy Nubian bartender, told in a mixture of animation and live action (sometimes in the same frame). It's successful as a series of visual experiments, but there's not much of a story and what there is gets needlessly nasty (the only likable character turns into a pimp who pulverizes johns with a steel pipe).