And Then There Were None

And Then There Were None

Ten people are invited for a weekend on an island by a mysterious stranger, but it turns out he isn't present. At dinner a record is played which accuses each one of the guests of having committed a murder. They soon begin to realize a crazed killer is stalking them.

Ten people are invited to an isolated island, only to find that an unseen person is killing them one by one. Finally only two are left and each is uncertain as to weather or not the other is the murderer. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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J B (kr) wrote: "Hell or High Water" is "99 Homes" meets "No Country for Old Men": a scathing critique of the American economy delivered in the form of a taut, brooding neo-Western thriller.

Chris H (ca) wrote: Fascinating documentary on Whitey Bulger.

Bradlee C (us) wrote: Cusack and Jane phone one in for a couple of paychecks. For a movie about driving "hard" it pretty much turned into a Sunday afternoon ride through the countryside.

krupa p (jp) wrote: Was ok not as good as it's proceedings

James S (jp) wrote: benny chan knows how to make an action movie and this along with new police story are two of the greatest action / thriller movies ever made.

Christy P (mx) wrote: Loved the real pureness of this film. No false, attention getting Holly Wood extremist views of these religions to muddy up the beauty of the message.

Kevin R (ag) wrote: If I wanted that type of lip I'd drop my fly.Two brothers and their respective girlfriends get together in the Caribbean for the first time in a long time. The two brothers have a plan to become treasure hunters off the coast and get rich doing so. Unfortunately, they find a plane full of lost cocaine. When the man whose cocaine it is discovers they find it, they will stop at nothing to force the brothers to take them to their goods."Big storms bring big treasures."John Stockwell, director of Turistas, Countdown, Cat Run 1 & 2, In the Blood, Kid Cannabis, Middle of Nowhere, and The Break, delivers Into the Blue. The storyline for this picture was fairly clich with some great underwater shots and a red hot Jessica Alba. The cast delivers very average performances and also includes Paul Walker, Scott Caan, Ashley Scott, Josh Brolin, and Tyson Beckford. "Don't hit me with a fucking chair!"I came across this on HBOGO and decided to give it a shot. This is fairly straightforward but I enjoyed watching it unfold. This isn't an underrated gem, but not a waste of time either. I recommend watching this if nothing better is on. "I told you to stay away from the plane."Grade: C

Jimmy P (jp) wrote: I used to think this was a very strange manga and anime any way, then when i heard they had mad it into a live action movie i had to so how the hell they had managed it. Well the truth is they hadnt managed it! The storyline has ben changed so much to the anime storyline that is almost a toatly different thing all together apart from them using the charecters. The acting on show hear was well below poor and the CGI was so over the top. The only thing that saved this movie from being a total waste of time was the ending. The ending came out of nowere and shocked me totaly not what i was expecting and actualy made a great ending to a half decent movie. But all in all a very hard anime to pic to make into a live action film.

Goddess T (fr) wrote: enjoyable but the homophia plot device is a little overdone

Frances H (fr) wrote: I took my son to see this movie when it came out in theaters and was shocked that a Disney film had so much grisly violence and that the brave princess gets eaten! They even showed the baby dragons chewing off her legs on her dead body! How tasteless! It should have had a stronger warning than just PG! Parents, beware! How it got such a high rating, I'll never know. And what kind of fairy tale has the brave princess dying? If Disney makes such unsuitable films, parents should be better warned as to content.

john g (jp) wrote: swashbucklingly good

Paul D (ag) wrote: Even though I had already seen this film several times before, watching it again in 2016 left me speechless and deeply moved. Umberto D is a masterpiece of storytelling, of human drama, of everyday life. A remarkable and deeply affecting film.

Nolan M (es) wrote: This so-called thriller is a 90 minute turd. The movie had too many characters and WAY too many point of view sequences. The car chases get even more ridiculous. Can't recommend it.

Ian P (ca) wrote: Probably not as accurate I think, but seeing him fret around the birds is heartwarming enough.