And They're Off

And They're Off

A comedy centered on a failed horse trainer who desperately wants to be back in the winner's circle.

A comedy centered on a failed horse trainer who desperately wants to be back in the winner's circle. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Saad K (ru) wrote: Rowdy Rathore - CATCH IT (A)Rowdy Rathore is a Full time Paisa wasool movie. From past 3-4 years Akshay Kumar has been delivering some awful movies except Housefull2. And this time he is in full foam in double role as we have never seen him before. I think the credit solely goes to Prabhu Deva who made such a fun entertaining movie. Akshay Kumar is Brilliant both as angry young man and a comedian. Sonakshi Sinha is pretty and looks great with Aksahy Kumar. The music and choreography of the movie simply amazing, I have not heard a single song from the movie before watching it and it still sticks in my head especially " Chin ta ta Chita Chita", Aa re pritam pyaare & Chikni kamar pe teri".After Salman Khan's Dabangg this has to be the best action masala movie in this genre. Must watch it, sometimes it's better to watch a movie which is a full time entertainment.

Abdulkader A (br) wrote: A very gripping movie from scene one, good cinematography and visuals. based on a true story. the boy gives a superb performance.

Brenda G (de) wrote: Took a bland, overdone storyline and turned it into something wonderful.

Karan G (ru) wrote: a nice comedy but not that gr8 ...

Luis C (fr) wrote: It paints itself into a silly corner, but it does it with panache and style.

Konrad A (es) wrote: What a funny movie and people that like comity this would be a funny movie for people to see hay if you like sports you may like this!!

Derek Y (br) wrote: Amazing movie about billiards. The technicality and the actual basis on the game of pool and not on the surroundings is a first. The pool scenes do use a bit of the same shots but they are still very wisely selected. Great classic Billiards Hustler Movie.

bill b (kr) wrote: i got sooo boredddddddd

Liie R (de) wrote: Weird movie. Weird, weird movie.

Shawn W (ru) wrote: More gore from Lucio Fulci. Here, a priest's suicide opens the gates of hell unleashing the dead in the village of Dunwich. In typical Fulci fashion, exactly how hell's portals are opened by the priest's suicide is never explained.

bill b (de) wrote: Hmmm. i read amazinhg critques for this one, It High rated Its Alan Arkin Its 70's! Its a black comedy So, i should love this film... But nope... It didnt work for me at all... Didnt find it funny and bored me...

Richard B (de) wrote: real trip flasback but raquel was really hot

Chrisanne S (ru) wrote: Comedy sketches are great fun, Costumes fill the eye and some of the dancing is great (could do without the random Limehouse Blues).

Addie A (ru) wrote: Good acting, good cinematography, interesting characters, no real plot, but it was good

Yash B (fr) wrote: Stunning visuals, and a really entertaining adventure. Definitely much longer than it needed to be but its an impressive movie in every way. it's epic and showcases what movies can be when it comes to remakes.

Alex R (kr) wrote: I shitted on this movie's script