And Thou Shalt Love

And Thou Shalt Love

Ohad, the protagonist, is serving in the Israel Defense Forces as a Hesder student. He has not told anyone that he is gay. He tries various ways of dealing with the conflict between his religious beliefs and his sexual orientation, including Atzat Nefesh. He is told to spend forty days fasting and repenting to help rid him of his homosexual inclinations. He does this and believes himself to be cured. After this, his best friend, Nir, returns from leave. Ohed is torn between his homosexuality and his religion. The film deals with the struggles Ohed faces when it comes to loving God and loving Nir.

Ohad, a young orthodox Jew, is torn between the man he loves and god. Who will he choose? . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Stuart P (es) wrote: An astutely observed documentary of epic sadness; it captures those left behind in the name of China's 'progress'.

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Giffy G (de) wrote: Very powerful. It's now about 2 months after I first saw the movie, and I'm still thinking about it. This isn't a movie you watch for its plot, this is a movie you watch for its message. As such, the plot and characterization are a bit paper thin. However, while the specifics the movie addresses are dated, the issues it raises and criticizes are not. Good movie.

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