Andalucía chica

Andalucía chica


  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:73 minutes
  • Release:1988
  • Language:Spanish
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:Andalucía chica 1988 full movies, Andalucía chica torrents movie

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J (us) wrote: Not Safe for Work is a 2014 thriller film directed by Joe Johnston, produced by Jason Blum, written by Simon Boyes and Adam Mason, and starring Max Minghella, J.J. Feild, Eloise Mumford, Christian Clemenson, Tom Gallop, Brandon Keener, Marina Black, Eme Ikwuakor, Michael Gladis, Alejandro Patino, Molly Hagan, and Tim Griffin.Tom Miller (Max Minghella) is an ambitious legal assistant who works at the Rosen, Byres, and Emmerich Attorneys at Law and is dating Anna Newton (Eloise Mumford). His company has two major cases: Hartcourt vs. Denning Pharmaceutical, against a powerful corporation, and the Gambizzi case, against a mafia family. On the eve of the judgment of the Hartcourt case, Alan Z. Emmerich (Christian Clemenson) releases all employees early in the afternoon and also fires Tom for snooping around the Gambizzi case.When Tom is leaving the building with Anna, he sees a man leaving a suitcase on the floor and another man wearing a suit (J.J. Feild) taking the suitcase and going to the thirty-fourth floor. Tom decides to follow him and soon he discovers that the man is actually a hitman. Soon, Tom is trapped on the floor with the killer since his access card is deactivated, and he tries to find out who hired the killer.Not Safe for Work marks the fourth installment in my Thanksgiving weekend quintet of reviews. The quintet started off strong with Mercy and continued even more strong than ever with Stretch and The Town that Dreaded Sundown. Not Safe for Work, while not great, is still effective and acted well enough to entertain despite noticeable flaws.Firstly, I have to praise Joe Johnston for his taut direction. With Not Safe for Work, he shows that he's as capable of directing low-budget, tense thrillers as much as he's capable of directing big-budget action films. I particularly loved how Johnston crafted genuine suspense and how he handles the script's claustrophobic nature. I also liked how he chooses not to make the death scenes graphic and gory, rather choosing to focus more on suspense and tension.The acting is quite believable as well. Max Minghella starts off rather bland and boring as our protagonist, but as the film progresses, he gets a lot better. His portrayal of a desperate guy trying to get out of a bad situation was very convincing. The lovely Eloise Mumford as Tom's girlfriend Anna is also pretty good as well. But the real standout is J.J. Feild as the killer. Feild actually managed to terrify me at points. Right from the get-go, this guy is a cold-blooded, strictly-by-the-numbers killer, and Feild pulls it off amazingly.The screenplay by Adam Mason and Simon Boyes is surprisingly crisply written for a film released straight to video. You can tell the two tried very hard to allow Johnson to weave an engaging narrative with their script, and for the most part, it works. Jonathan Taylor's slick cinematography is unfailingly fluent and smooth. Tyler Bates also deserves props for his effective and eerie musical score.Now, what exactly about this movie didn't work? Well, with the exceptions of Tom, Anna, and the hitman/killer, I didn't care about anyone else, so I never really felt bad if they lived or died. This is pretty much the same problem I had with the new Town that Dreaded Sundown film. Secondly, I could see some of the plot twists coming less than a half hour into the movie. That's not good for a suspense thriller. Now, the big twist at the end was very surprising, but the other twists I saw coming from a mile away and I was disappointed when I was right.FINAL SCORE: 7/10Despite lacking in development for supporting characters as well as plot twists that aren't predictable, Not Safe for Work manages to be an entertaining and effective building invasion thriller, a bit more smart and well-executed than most of its caliber. Featuring believable performances, slick cinematography, genuine suspense built throughout the film's fast runtime (seventy-four minutes to be exact), taut direction, and a truly menacing villain, Not Safe for Work was a fun watch.

intuciic (es) wrote: didnt like the movie that much.. pretty amoral.. weird movie

Raju S (jp) wrote: watch it if you have nothing to see...

Melissa A (nl) wrote: This was a decent Spanish movie with an energetic soundtrack and some unique artistic work at the beginning. Juani is a feisty and spirited woman stuck in a small town with big dreams. She wants desperately to make something out of her life before it??s too late but has many setbacks to overcome. Leaving her unfaithful boyfriend for the final time, she runs off to Madrid with her best friend Vani to pursue an acting career and to start anew. There is a clear message in this movie showing that even as there is constant pressure for Juani to change everything about who she is, especially learning the English language in order to be an actress, in her heart, ultimate success will come from being true to herself.

Leif (ru) wrote: a classic movie with a B+ cast Jack Black as a wildness hippie is the role he was born to play, a natural

Jess L (nl) wrote: Beautiful girls is a beautiful movie... clever I know :)

Lotti K (gb) wrote: Cheesy but fun -- stick with it past the slow beginning!

John D (de) wrote: Fun for about half an hour before the slapstick gets to be too overbearing. "We've run out of script with half anv hour left. No big deal, we'll just have one long chase sequence!" Ug. Theme song by the Supremes?!?

Private U (br) wrote: i thought it was good, though a bit dated and a little goofy.

Laura M (jp) wrote: You can see the influence of Halloween (1978) and Friday the 13th (1980) in this movie but it's also kind of its own thing. I watched it because the ending is supposed to be one of the most unexpected twists and it was. Not a bad movie.