Andaman Girl

Andaman Girl

Pe (Amarin Nitipon) used to be a famous director who owned tons of award. Today his fame is fading away and Pe doesn't really know what to do until a film investor hires him to direct a porn movie. In the film set, Pe meets Jee (Supaksorn Chaimongkol), a sexy girl who's the lead actor in the movie. Pe falls for Jee without knowing the truth that she's actually a big mafia's daughter who escapes from her wedding. How would Pe handle the situation when Jee is irresistible but her father would take him down if he only touches her?

A mistaken identity gangster porn comedy. A once acclaimed, now disgraced film maker is forced to shoot a porn flick to pay the bills. He hires a girl for the lead who he believes was ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Tatsuhito K (ca) wrote: Jason Statham is damn likable and James Franco makes a shallow yet solid villain. Lots of action and fist-fights and explosions and all that action jazz. Turn off your brain and you will have a surprisingly fun time. Homefront is a perfectly enjoyable action flick. It's disposable but quite fun at times.

Jay D (es) wrote: Nowhere near as good as the first one. Plods along with no real coherent point.

Daniel P (fr) wrote: I appreciated the "contemporary Jack London story" vibe of this one, but it's hard to invest in such a thin plot: a woman with nothing but her dog loses her dog. Minimalist film, and based on a short story, but there's just not quite enough here - even for its paltry 80 minutes.

Wiebke K (br) wrote: a rather disturbing movie, both in subject matter and in the portrayed ease of overcoming the obstacle of living with sexual abuse.

paul p (es) wrote: aw dont know how 2 view it

Nguyen Thuy H (br) wrote: If JR likes this film, then he is probably a sucker for everything made by Antonioni. This is like a despairing extension of L'Avventura, but it's exactly this dead-end similarity to L'Avventura that makes me unable to take the film seriously.

bill s (ru) wrote: A "come on now'thriller with just too many improbable situations though Freeman is his usual solid self.

Marcus B (de) wrote: Actually an interesting movie.

Carlos D (ca) wrote: decent movie,even when 75% of it it's made up and not even close to the title of based on a true story... but other than that,it's a consistent movie with strong chatacters and good plot

Jason G (ru) wrote: A fine-if formulaic-film that is elevated by its surprisingly beautiful score, Benedict Cumberbatch's spot-on acting, and every scene featuring the brilliant Keira Knightley. The film's only true flaw lies in the content and layout of its screenplay. Alan Turing was found guilty of engaging in same-sex behavior, which was (regrettably, to put it euphemistically) illegal in England at the time, and to avoid imprisonment, Turing accepted a judge's verdict to inject himself with hormones as a means of self-castration. While "The Imitation Game" does feature a B plot in which Turing is investigated and eventually sentenced, the film largely glosses over the outcome of the trial, revealing to the audience the existence of the hormone injections and Turing's declining health with roughly six minutes left in the film. Turing's contributions to the Allies' victory in the Second World War were incontrovertibly significant, but it is only in the film's final moments that Cumberbatch reveals to a rather horrified Knightley the result of his trial and a few captions of superimposed text then detail Turing's suicide and legacy. When I was a child watching cartoons on TV, every once in a while during a commercial break, a commercial would air in its entirety, and right before the next one began, the last second of another commercial would slip in by accident. I imagine that the local TV networks were merely airing commercials simultaneously and that the wires got crossed somehow; what else could explain the end of a Mazda commercial being interrupted by the half-second appearance of a toll-free number for ordering Barbies? That is how I felt with the final act of "The Imitation Game"; a film about a misanthropic code breaker began, played, and ended, and the tail end of another far more interesting film about the horrid treatment of gay men in the mid-twentieth century managed to sneak in before the credits of the first film rolled.

Sanity Assassin (us) wrote: enjoyed it more than i thought i would. genuinely funny moments mostly thanks to johnny depp being cast as the native american. the horse had more of a central role than the ranger!

Drew W (ag) wrote: RT got it wrong! 90% Fresh. A beautiful love story. Awesome cast. An Eastwood legacy continues and brilliant Britt; an actress that will only grow greater.

Tom R (br) wrote: True love story. If you have a heart you will love this movie. True story of how gay men were considered not human beings. Shame on American Govt.

James L (au) wrote: Blake Lively fascinates me and so do sharks, so this film worked for me... Just wish the plot development and script would have been more refined !