• Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:85 minutes
  • Release:2013
  • Language:Italian
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:Andarevia 2013 full movies, Andarevia torrents movie

Marco is affected by sudden bursts of anger. He joins a sail trip for people with mental illness in the sea of Sardinia, in Italy. Something wrong will happen on the boat and nothing will be as before the trip. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Andarevia torrent reviews

Justin A (ag) wrote: Imagine watching 'Executive Decision' but without the intelligence, plot, tension, acting or appeal. There you go - saved you two hours of your life.

Alice G (ca) wrote: Only because of Jamie Bamber...

Kok F (es) wrote: This film won best screenplay in Berlin. I adore Weiwei Liu's dynamic performance, it's her performance that kept me watching the film...other word, I just don't buy the story. Sorry, Berlin.

Zack B (it) wrote: In many ways it's a necessary film and I admire all involved for making it. However, the acting is shaky at times, and the writing itself is overdone to such a degree that it feels staged and not real like De Palma appears to want it. I don't really think the "found footage" or the "cinema verite" style in which it was shot really added to a sense of reality; in fact, it almost felt like the secret to the illusion was revealed while the illusion itself was going on. So the impact was lessened, but still, there are aspects of it, namely the psychological and character ones, that really make this an important film to think about.

Deena D (jp) wrote: Such a sweet family movie ?

Tatsuhito K (es) wrote: Stylish, energetic, and highly clever, Inside Man is damn entertaining.

Jose Miguel G (de) wrote: creepy and uncomfortable to watch, Naked Lunch shows a deep and twisting perspective inside a drug consumer-writer, in a graphic way only Cronenberg could show.

Lydia R (gb) wrote: It seemed like the AA directed this movie.

Joshua G (de) wrote: A hilarious, highly informative Australian documentary that begs the question: whose the most destructive? the toads, or the humans trying to kill them.

Adam R (au) wrote: It's creepy and a bit out there. Certainly a peculiar film for Disney. It was OK, but I wouldn't say I'm a fan. (First and only viewing - 1/4/2011)

Greg N (br) wrote: Welcome to the existential philosophical world of Cockfighter...not really. It's pretty fun in that I got a camera and some underground celebrity heroes for friends that feel like making a movie with me sort of way. Warren Oates is fun even when they won't let him talk. Harry Dean Stanton is hilarious as always. The women are suitably 70s skanky. Funnily enough there is not one bit of glamour in this whole thing and goodness knows you wouldn't want to be any of these people but watching them isn't so bad. If anything you can at least watch Warren randomly pull a chicken's head off to prove his love for his woman. Who doesn't one thing to do with him. Not that he knows that. Existential.

Sam B (br) wrote: If you were looking for a "civil war" movie skip this dud. This is essentially Renee Zellweger squinting at the camera with what i can only describe as a horribly overacted southern accent whilst carrying a shotgun and at some point Jude Law almost rides some harlot all the way to China. Those are the only two things I remember about this movie. This is not a civil war movie, its a badly acted fairy tale about going on an adventure to one day have sex with Nicole Kidman again. How Zellweger got any reward for this bad movie besides a razzie is beyond me. Do yourself a favor if you do buy this movie use it as a coaster or a mouse pad.

Rachael F (us) wrote: Ridiculous but funny

Ibraheem M (au) wrote: Stockbrokers, corporate raiders, blue-collars, Securities and Exchange Commission.... these are not in my glossary.

Chris M (it) wrote: It was an enjoyable and fun Disney sequel. It had nice animation, very excellent voice cast, lovely backgrounds, great songs, great adventure and a great storyline. It's one of the best Disney sequels since I was a kid. It should not be disappointed to the fans of the original Aladdin.