Andartu terlampau... 21 hari mencari suami

Andartu terlampau... 21 hari mencari suami


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Private U (nl) wrote: I saw the premiere of this documentary film at the British Film Institute in London in June, followed by a Q&A with the director, Dan Forrer, who elicited gasps from the audience when he mentioned in passing that he spent 4 years researching and creating this film -- a level of dedication that's plainly evident throughout. I can honestly say that this is the most fascinating, surprising and compelling documentary that I have ever seen. Who would have guessed that the iconic piece of music (Apache) that represents the birth of hip-hop culture and rap, and the musicians who make it all happen, would be tied to so many key historical events from the assassination of Robert Kennedy to the Charles Manson murders? As a political analyst and pop culture junkie, this film treated me to a unique perspective on some of the history that shaped the American landscape, with the added bonus of learning about the birth and evolution of hip-hop along the way. If you're a celebrity watcher, this film has some great little gems that have never before come to light. And if you're a diehard hip-hop fan, you'll love this for the interviews and insight from some of the biggest names in the business. It's about 1.5 hours and doesn't drag at all. Great editing and the stellar soundtrack that you'd expect from a film about Apache.

Jonathan B (kr) wrote: This is a great family drama starring Meryl Streep as a tyrannical matriarch and Julia Roberts as one of her daughters. As members of the Weston family head to the family home following the suicide of their father, dark secrets emerge and skeletons just keep on rattling out of those closets. It is a comedy of the deepest black with plenty high melodrama along the way. The movie builds towards one of the most excruciating family meals where the acid-tongued Streep launches into several family members, taking no prisoners. The movie is also peppered with some deeply touching and moving scenes which help to sweeten the bitter nature of the plot and I was moved to tears at a number of points. Amongst the cast, I particularly liked Margo Martindale as Aunt Mattie Fae and Misty Upham as Johnna, the ever present, watchful and sensible nurse/housemaid. With both the leads giving fine performances and some lovely uses of the Oklahoma plains, there's very little that's not to like in August: Osage County as long as you're not expecting the Partridge Family.

Noah S (au) wrote: It would be interesting to put it next to a modern-day version of an asylum seeker's encounter with US immigration and see how it compares.

Ryan R (fr) wrote: Loved every second of it. Its touching and the music is dazzling.

Private U (us) wrote: 5 stars, mostly just because I was an extra for a few scenes in the film.

Zena C (es) wrote: A fantastic film that you can't take your eyes off what will hppen next?!?!?!? Don't try to see too much in the film just enjoy the moments.

Michael H (ru) wrote: Fun movie, but I feel as though it is an idealization of the scriptwriters' lives and that makes me uncomfortable.

Sydney C (br) wrote: One the funniest film ever.

Pamela J (ag) wrote: Wonderful dialogue and so much passion.

Wahida K (us) wrote: The game wants to play with you. I think the makers of "Stay Alive" got inspired by this Movie just tiny bit different.

shane j (it) wrote: very good but im 10soo9""""???"""""""""""""

Trista J (de) wrote: I don't even know why I love this. It's goofy and fun and just plain cute.

Gina W (us) wrote: Oh God, save us from politicians.

Jeremy S (au) wrote: Clayton Riddell, an aspiring artist from suburbian Maine, is in Boston when the Pulse hit. Everyone that answered their phone either went crazy, or turned into a homocidal maniac. It is up to Clayton, and his newly found friends in a sea of enemies, to get back to Maine and make sure his family is still alive.