Anden paa coke?

Anden paa coke?

Anders Matthesen's one-man show from his 2006 tour.

Anders Matthesen's one-man show from his 2006 tour. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Kim N (es) wrote: Great family movie <3

Phil H (au) wrote: Based around the real events of 1215 when powerful Barons of England grew tired of their King and came together to rebel against his rule. This film tells the story of the siege that took place at Rochester Castle in the County of Kent following King Johns decision to break the agreement of the Magna Carta made by himself and the Barons of England and then attempting to regain England for himself.The film focuses mainly on the battle that took place between the Loyalists of King John and the Barons with whoever they could muster against the strong King. Now I must say straight away that you can't expect the film to be completely accurate and it isn't, but for an independent film mainly British made with US assistance this is a very good and fairly accurate attempt. There are some issues I believe with the historical facts such as the French being involved before the siege at Rochester, the fact that King John actually did take the castle in the end (pretty big mistake there methinks) and I don't believe there were any Danish mercenaries involved at anytime, not sure about Knights Templar's either. So God knows where they came up with that idea for the film and lastly King John was simply a bad king and not a bad person really, this siege was really part of a civil war which turned from a cause of 'more power to the people' to simply a scuffle for the throne and power by the Barons.Of course the film has been taken down the Hollywood route I'm afraid, think 'BraveHeart', 'Pathfinder' or 'Centurion' etc...and you know exactly what I mean, the film is wonderfully made and shot but there are elements included purely to make the story more enticing to a modern audience. Now although this isn't a Ridley Scott flick they have tried their best to go down that epic route, all the action is hand held cams that shake all over the show to add that feel of raw blood n sweat in the heat of battle which does work. There is plenty of claret spraying n squirting from lopped off limbs and slashes to satisfy the goriest of mindsets and some good catapult action all set on location within Wales to give an excellent murky representation of gloomy medieval England.The action looks good and its fast n fluid but there are hints of slightly amateurish shots here and there along with examples of basic acting from the extras in battle. If you look closely there aren't that many men in the battles (clever editing) and they aren't going at it hammer n tongs if you get me. Also I should add a few shots using CGI, mainly of the castle, are a touch obvious but nothing too horrific.The main issue I had was the typical Hollywood approach of having a band of guys all brought together with the usual 'Hollywood recruit' sequence. Each man being of different build and skill, one guy is a strong big fat bearded 'Little John' type, another is common mouthy and devious, another is a top archer, another is just a young lad, another is good with knives and women and of course the hero is a Knights Templar who is an all round kick ass machine. Its just a bit too flash and silly really, of course they need characters the viewer can relate to and cheer for but its almost like a computer game roster for a 'hack n slash' fighter.Great performances from a very good line up including Giamatti giving a good slimy side to his character despite the fact that King John wasn't really 'a bad guy', Dance is perfect as usual as is Jacobi and Cox again cast as a gruff leader/soldier. Purefoy does whats needed as the strong heroic knight but little more, Mara is cute as a button whilst playing scared and innocent, Crook fits the part for the era with his malnourished appearance, Aneurin Barnard is actually very good as the young lad 'Guy' and also looks like a certain Hobbit. Finally add to that a couple of cockneys in Jamie Foreman and Jason Flemyng for that typical dirty, gritty, uniquely common English touch. Like history? like a wee bit of action hokey pokey? then this is for you, just try to ignore the bits of cinematic popcorn excess .

Carl C (br) wrote: I was really not sure about this movie, the first 10mins did not hold promise and the title sounded dodgy. But as the story kept going it flowed well just kept peeking my interest.While again the story is quite predictable well after the first quarter it is entertaining and did not really hurt the movie. The characters were not really explored much and their motivation was never spelled out.Not the best movie ever but worth watching. Dont forget to get past the first 10mins.

Nusret K (gb) wrote: Andy Lau ve Hong Kong sinemasndan kaliteli bir macera ve hirsizlik filmi. Hirsizlik oyunlari , trendeki hirsiz duellolari ile hareketli , kaliteli ve izlemeye deger bir film.

David K (jp) wrote: This film/book is inevitably mentioned to any perfume enthusiast. But it should be the nemesis of the olfactory aesthete. It deals in misconceptions, that those who most appreciate sensory pleasures are born with preternaturally sensitive perceptions. That fragrances are largely dependent on the "body chemistry" of the wearer. That the right scent will conjure carnal instincts in those around you. And, as Luca Turin put it, that "by a small leap of logic much beloved of bigots through the ages, the deceased virgin's smell represents Innocence... instead of smelling like a Moscow bus at rush hour." I'm sure perfume marketers are thrilled that this is the primary pop culture idiom on the topic.

Ashley H (ru) wrote: Being Julia is an excellent film. It is about stage actors and their experiences with love and revenge during the 1930s in London. Annette Bening and Jeremy Irons give amazing performances. The screenplay is well written. Istvan Szabo did a great job directing this movie. I enjoyed watching this motion picture because of the drama and humor. Being Julia is a must see.

Joshua L (ru) wrote: a typical but good disney tv movie.

Nathan C (jp) wrote: The story's told well enough, but the director wasn't in much of a hurry to tell it. John Hurt's performance as the eccentric loner with a dark past is quite good, but all in all there's little reason to watch this slow little flick more than once--if once.

Rajesh M (kr) wrote: A very good manhunt movie. Its a true story and provides a glimpse into the Soviet era Russia.

Tim R (gb) wrote: A beyond stupid fun film

Asif K (de) wrote: not interested .... i don't like these type of movies :/

George H (ru) wrote: This is an excellent film about being wrongly accused for something u did do!(excellent performance by Woody Strode)

James H (es) wrote: What an amazing film. Filled with remarkable performances from the entire cast. Excellent throughout, great screenplay and direction, superb cinematography. Very memorable.

Tyler E (de) wrote: AWESOME TIMES 1000000000!! go watch it now.director of deliverancesuper epic, especially the music