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Andersen hos fotografen


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James D (us) wrote: Very funny opening sequence, but it's downhill after that.

Jack P (ag) wrote: Marti, dupa Craciun are momentele lui dar per total e doar o poveste despre nimic.

lvaro S (de) wrote: Si alguien busca una de 'fantasa' con samurais, 100% recomendada.

elise h (it) wrote: this was ok, not great but ok. i liked the concept though

Khurram A (br) wrote: This is one of my favourite Bolywood action movie with over the top fight scenes...

TheRantingAnchor R (ca) wrote: Honestly, this is the worst of the good Star Wars movies. That doesn't necessarily mean that it's bad--the plot is still excellent, the characters are great, especially Skywalker, and the entire Tatooine sequence is legendary. However, once the Ewoks show up, this movie goes a little downhill. It gets a little boring and disappointing. Despite this, it is still a very good movie that deserves a watch.Oh, and I do prefer The Phantom Menace to this.

Autumn C (nl) wrote: Great performances and impactful story. Starts off really slow but worth watching. Simple story but a lot left to interpretation which is always interesting.

Jade W (br) wrote: This movie made me bawl, then laugh till I cried, then bawl again. Good writing and great acting, very enjoyable.