Andhaa Yudh

Andhaa Yudh

The story revolves around an evil politician - a junior minister who plots the murder of the chief minister through a hired killer. After the assassination of the chief minister, the killer is pursued by an idealistic dedicated police chief. The killer takes shelter in a house where a physically challenged girl is residing...

Raja assassinates a minister. He takes shelter in a house and takes a hostage. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Josh B (ag) wrote: Thought I was watching The Exorcist at some points but all round reasonably good movie that tried to be scary but we've seen it all before.

Richard S (ag) wrote: Despite early promise, Stander's descent into crime movie cliche is probably not helped by the fact that none of the main actors is South African.

Reid V (kr) wrote: Typical family dysfunction taken to the nth degree. The fact that it is shot with video makes it all the more disturbing and gives a sense of realism to the truly bizarre. It is one of the only times I felt like I was being a voyeur. Hell, it could be the future of reality television. It is incredibly shocking and that is the point of it. I get it. And I cannot think of a good reason why I would want to watch this again seeing as I had no fun at all watching it this time. If that makes me not a "real movie buff", so be it.

Byron B (jp) wrote: nominated for best foreign film by NBR, at the golden globes, and at the oscars

Nick E (us) wrote: Wasn't sure if I was going to enjoy this as some of the western revivals were poor but this turned it to be a great western. Good performances all round.

Richard D (us) wrote: The first half hour is mildly interesting, but it slopes off into tedium.

Judge L (br) wrote: Not in the same league as 'Support Your Local Sheriff." Most of the "funny" scenes are very stupid. It had a few good parts, but not enough to save this movie. Not one that I would want to see more than once.