Adarsh (Sanjay Dutt) and Aniket (Govinda) are brothers. Aniket is the elder, while Adarsh is the younger one. Both go to the same college, where beautiful Guddi (Mamta Kulkarni) has a crush on him, and vice-versa. Meanwhile, Adarsh is up to college pranks and practical jokes. One of these pranks and jokes land him into trouble in a girls only hostel. When the time comes to leave college and seek a career, both brothers chose a different path, one of which leads to the destruction and separation of their family. Will they reunite in the end?

Adarsh (Sanjay Dutt) and Aniket (Govinda) are two brothers. Aniket is the elder, while Adarsh is the younger one. Both go to the same college, where Aniket finds that beautiful Guddi (Mamta... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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William P (ag) wrote: Between the camera that never stops moving and the darkness I have no idea what I just saw? With occasional blood letting and the nice little twist ending I could muster up a couple stars.

Jayakrishnan R (gb) wrote: 62%Saw this on 12/08/2013The star cast is good and Unknown definitely has a good premise, but then and there I had a strong deja vu feeling. You see I felt like I have seen this sort of a storyline under many circumstances. While watching this one, the one that came first to my head was the original Total Recall(1984). Don't you see Arnie doesn't know who he really is, then he finds out that his wife is not his real wife, he is a man who was sent to mars to destroy the mutant and rebels who are in here good people. I also found the story line similar to a Malayalam film released in 2005 called 'July 4'. Anyway, once the film steps on into the depths of the second half, it becomes less and less interesting. Unknown is anyway not so unpredictable.

Steve D (us) wrote: Overrated but it is genuinely funny and de nirois wonderful

Anna L (ag) wrote: Charming George Cukor movie.

Kevin M W (es) wrote: As opulent and decadent as can be imagined, Von Sternberg's vision of early court life is suffused in shadows and grotesqueries unlike most films of this sort, bringing to mind the axiom of absolute power corrupting absolutely. The story's not so good, but the imagery will stay with you.

Smashproplaya (au) wrote: Not as good as the first, but still OK

Victor L (br) wrote: know what you've eaten..