Andrea Perron: House of Darkness House of Light

Andrea Perron: House of Darkness House of Light

Growing up in the famed farmhouse investigated in the blockbuster hit The Conjuring, Andrea Perron's past has inspired her to write a tell-all book, House of Darkness House Of Light. Now, with footage and reenactments to support her stories, Perron delves into the haunting tales of her upbringing.

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Sergio C (mx) wrote: What a terrible movie... no excuse for the laughable graphics in this day and age... Should be banned from the world.

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Rodolfo R (nl) wrote: Excelent movie about a Brazilian icon.

David G (au) wrote: Fans might get some enjoyment out of this but it just won't appease the masses.

Frances H (ru) wrote: What they needed in this movie is a young version of Bruce Campbell to make this funny. It also kind of reminds me of some of the English movies made by Hammer Studios in the 1960s. I would love to see the Mystery Science Theater 3000 gang take this movie on--it would be classic.

Richard P (ru) wrote: I only gave it half a star because I couldn't give it a negative rating. Worst. Film. Ever.

Kelly K (fr) wrote: This film comes with rave reviews and so I was a bit surprised when it left me unimpressed. The characters are beautiful, the chemistry is there, they are in a beautiful city, so why doesn't it work? I was bored to be honest. They talked for hours and hours and hours about nothing and everything. It's the sort of connection everyone dreams of, but I felt like it just did not click for me. The most beautiful and passionate part was when they parted at the end. Still, it's worth seeing because it is a classic at this point.

Amy J (de) wrote: A fabulous showcase of music and drama. As a mother, listening to Dixie's speech about how it was hard when her husband died but a total betrayal when she lost her son, I don't know how anyone could not be moved. One of my personal favorites.

Megan D (gb) wrote: It might have been released in 1990 but the script was definitely written in the 80s. I'm fond of Daryl Hannah but now I have to wonder if I've inflated her acting skills in my mind. She came off as petulant instead of neurotic. I've never been a huge Dudley Moore fan but I've liked things he's done. This felt like a phone in job for him. It really felt like the leads were all thoroughly bored and distracted. They'd 'wake up' and realize it was their line and deliver it and then zone off again. It was mildly amusing to see Paul Reiser playing a similiar character to the corp hack in Aliens. The only thing I would recommend this movie for would be the funny "honest advertising" campaigns that the movie's plot centers around. Daryl Hannah: 1 starDaryl acting badly: -.5 starFunny ads: 1 starIt's an 80s movie and I love the 80s: 2 starsIt's a dated 80s movie that fails to enchant: -1 star.Summary: 2.5 stars

Tim S (de) wrote: La Cage aux Folles is a 1978 French Film about a gay couple that own a night club and when their son decides to marry, they have to do whatever it takes to convince the young girl's conservative parents that they're in no way different. The film helped blow the doors open on more acceptance of homosexuals, but also doesn't portray them as bad people. They're very good people, but with flaws just like heterosexuals. The film is mainly a comedy but there are also some dramatic moments in there as well. The performances are all superb and deserve their great status. Even though I still prefer the American remake by Mike Nichols, this is still a classic film that's definitely worth watching more than once.

Melissa L (es) wrote: Sad, slightly dumb story line. But very romactic.

Roy S (br) wrote: I'm sure this was quite spooky in the 50s, but it doesn't hold up too well. The science is really awful. Still, it does have a certain British charm about it.

Brian K (us) wrote: this was a good film.doris day really brought a realistic and very good performance as ruth etting.

Dominika x (de) wrote: not my type of a movie

Jordan A (jp) wrote: I really liked this film. Shows the sad lives that most stand up comedians have in a beautiful and moving way. It also bring Apatow in more dramatic stuff, which I like.

Dave M (us) wrote: The second of the three RH/DD/TR movies, it's very funny with great comic performances all round. I recommend this along with the others. I've seen this many times and never tire of it.

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