Andrey Tarkovsky in Nostalghia

Andrey Tarkovsky in Nostalghia

A poetic and intimate scene-by-scene look into the filming of Tarkovsky's 'Nostalghia'.

An intimate and poetic scene-by-scene look into the filming of Tarkovsky's masterpiece, 'Nostalghia'. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Andrey Tarkovsky in Nostalghia torrent reviews

Philip J (mx) wrote: SPOILER ALERT: he jumps

Ranny L (jp) wrote: My name is Anthony Aranda and I reviewed this film for KIDS FIRST! I love this movie. It is really great. My favorite part of the movie is when Papi and Chloe get married. I like that part the best because it looks like it is going to be a wedding for two people and then you see it?s really for the dogs. It is pretty funny. My favorite characters in the film are Papi, Chloe, and their kids. I like them because they all see the true importance of family and sticking together. One part that shows this is when all the dogs enter a dog show to try to save the family?s house. Another instance is when they help with a bank robbery. They prove to be true Chihuahua warriors. I really liked the music in the movie too. My favorite song in the movie is called ?This is my Paradise? sung by Bridgit Mendler. Every time it is on I sing along. I also enjoy watching her on a Disney show called ?Good Luck Charlie.? I would recommend this movie for ages five and up. There are not a lot scary parts in the movie and it is really great. It made me laugh a lot. I recommend that you go out and see this movie as soon as it comes out on DVD. Reviewed by Anthony Aranda, age 8, KIDS FIRST! Film Critic

John R (jp) wrote: 150410: One star because I like wolves, not that this film is a good portrayal of them. Other than the little blue birds, there are few endearing characters here. The creators of this film appear to have had some good ideas but the artwork could not keep up. Most of the jokes fall short and the pace, except on rare occurrences, is painful.

bill s (ca) wrote: Nice sequel that does not have the depth of character that the first had but still the action and horror are in fine form.

Kevin S (ca) wrote: Paul vitti is in prison at sing sing and is in fear someone is after him. So he fakes being sick and comatose and his phsychotrist dr. Ben sobel comes in and checks him out. The doctor says he won't get better in prison so Prison officials send him home with the doctor. Not what the doctor ordered because he is just dealing with the death if his father the doctor is also having problems dealing with his family. So he tries to get vetti a job And again gets caught up in vetti's mafia wars because his old team is after him. Again crystal and de Niro together is absolute hilarity. This one packs the same amount of laughs as the first one. Pretty funny and enjoyably through the entire movie. Another great comedy from the amazing duo of de Niro and crystal.

Hari R (br) wrote: Very well made, Rahman should have won an Oscar for this!

Melissa M (jp) wrote: This movie should've been titled, "Everyone dies .... no really .... everyone"

Christopher B (nl) wrote: Not the best script, but it had some moments - like the child soldier. Strange how the Soviet-Vietnam scenario has come back to haunt America.

bill b (jp) wrote: an interesting story and a good film but nothing amazing. Its about a monkey!!!

Charles James I (us) wrote: Alright, so Sergio Corbucci was on too many drugs when he made this movie.. I'm perplexed at how Burt Reynolds could pass for a Native American. The voice-overs are terrible, but thats the way it goes in Corbucci films, even if it is in original language. Well, on top of all this, it looks to me ( even though I am no expert) that many horses were injured in the filming of this movie. I know this was not taken as seriously back in 1966 as it is today, but is still not pleasant to see. This is not why I am rating the film so low.. It was just a poor film.

gary t (ag) wrote: well umn just seen this movie 4 the 1st time n think that this is a good movie 2 watch its got a really good cast of actors/actressess throguhout this movie...i think that the director of this art house/international/action/adventure/classics/drama movie had done a really good job of directing this movie because you never know what 2 expect throughout this movie...its a good 1950's black n white movie 2 watch the fight scenes/the gun shoot outs are pretty kewl throguhout this movie..this is an enjoyable movie 2 watch...i think that both richard burton n ronan o casey both play good parts throughout this movie this is a good movie 2 watch n its really enjoyable as well

Itsasecret D (es) wrote: Excellent plenty of karate/hand to hand combat never a dull moment

Brett H (gb) wrote: A challenging and groundbreaking film at it's time of release, being one of the first mainstream films to deal with HIV/Aids, homosexual behaviour, and most notably; homophobia. This film is expertly acted with Tom Hanks winning his first best actor oscar and earning it big time with his gaunt appearance and heartbreaking performance as a man wronged by prejudice. Denzel Washington is also electric as his usual smooth-talking, commander of the room, so of course he plays the lawyer defending, Hanks and almost steals the show! The supporting cast is also solid, though I wish more time had been spent on the relationship between Banderas and Hanks (though some of their scenes were cut for time). The plot is tragic and compelling with Hanks' character contracting HIV and then being promptly fired from his promising career; but was it his sickness or sexual preference that got him fired? The rest unfolds like your standard courtroom procedural and unfortunately succumbs to a few cliches of the genre, but the performances are so strong and the story so moving that you can easily overlook them. Philadelphia is an excellent film that tackles the taboo subjects that are unfortunately still around today with point-blank bravery, and sincerity that addresses the issue humbly and should not be missed.

Les E (jp) wrote: This is a brilliant movie. Bergman puts in a tremendous performance. It is very long but the story deserves it. Both parts of the story, love and war, built and gelled well and the ending was perfect.