Android Apocalypse

Android Apocalypse

Machines have taken over, but left humans thinking that they are still the ones in charge. The androids need humans because of the human brain fluid; without it the android brains can't work. Until the mad scientist finds out how to make this brain fluid artificially that is.

In an age when Machines dominate the world, the fate of man rests in the hands of an outlaw and an android. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jamin M (jp) wrote: I love this film. It has a great cast, the acting is very good, the comedy is good, and the musical performances are excellent. The characters, while stereotypical, are likeable. I really enjoy Fat Amy, and Rebel Wilson's performance was so entertaining. I had no idea that Anna Kendrick can sing so well. The movie kind of suffers from a predictable plot, but they make up for it for the most part with the acting and music. While maybe not one of the best musicals, Pitch Perfect is a fun good time

Arthur M (mx) wrote: Overall, it's a very well made film technically with beautiful design, but the script is superficial and implausible, disregarding the most assiduous fans of the book. Who loved the book will hardly judge the film with more than a "good".Translated by Google Translate.

Michael H (es) wrote: Beta House is the spin off in the american pie films and Eugene Levy's character is more minor then ever. A direct sequel to The Naked Mile follows Erik and Dwight Stiffler. Erik's girlfriend breaks up with him and goes with another guy. Erik and Dwight move to the beta house. The geek's ruin all their fun and take all the liqour and chics. Now what!? They think their fun is ruined for the summer, but when they are chosen to become Brothers, they must take a test. Will they pass the test and get the Beta house back on its feet? Eugene Levy is back again as his same character but reduced yet again. Barely any laughs. But still entertaining. Thats what I can sum up about this movie.76/100 B

Carlos P (de) wrote: Una pelcula que se apodera lentamente y en ocasiones a un ritmo pausado de tus emociones; frustracin, desesperanza, enojo, decepcin, soledad e incomprensin, para dar un giro antagnico y conmover al punto de una lgrima como el final de una sinfona de historias.

Matt H (jp) wrote: The comedic elements fall completely flat - there isn't one funny moment in the entire movie, though it's definitely trying to be. The romantic element is solid but nothing memorable. Mostly needed better writing.

HiraNia W (fr) wrote: Found another movie with Matthew Goode in it! Quite a charming movie about family, religion and faith.

Giorgos T (gb) wrote: Criminally underrated, this film is Jarmusch at his best. Subtle humour, resourceful screenplay and a great Murray. And beautiful music.

Jamie B (ca) wrote: Fakt 1: This animated short is pretty cool!

Tony C (ca) wrote: I remember watching this on Pay per View TV a couple of years ago. It was free, and not expecting much, I watched it. I nearly busted a rib laughing, and I was amazed at how all of their jokes were on key, and how talented the writers and cast were! I never thought something this stupid or delinquent could be so hilarious!

Terence G (kr) wrote: I absolutely loved this movie as a child growing up in the 80's. They always seemed to play this near the closing ceremonies of the Olympics. What really stuck with me, were the songs. Some of them were just classic 'singalong' material. Why haven't they released this on DVD yet, I'd have no idea, but once they do, I'll get myself a copy of it ASAP.

Jaime R (de) wrote: What Haskell Wexler gives us in "Medium Cool" is a vision like no other.

Nando V (it) wrote: Under the dark and gritty creativity, the movie's take on the rapidly decaying life of a rather humble business man who is forcibly hell-bent on the karmic hunting of the gang who took everything from him, is what growing balls on the brink of revenge is all about.

J B (kr) wrote: I would give this one negative three stars if I could. It is really that bad.

Kooly D (au) wrote: this was my 2nd fav movie

Alexander C (de) wrote: Like 21 grams all over again witha romantic/tragedy twist?