Multiple lives intersect in the aftermath of the violent mugging of a Columbia University philosophy professor.

Philosophy professor Walter Zarrow is wounded during a mugging. In an effort to escape he rings buzzers indiscriminately, waking Sam, a middle aged father of two having an affair in the city. Sam reluctantly answers Zarrow's pleas, and Zarrow loses consciousness in his arms. Through an exploration of why these men, along with the mugger, and an addict named Joe, come together, we explore New York City. The experience of Zarrow, Sam, Joe and Zarrow's assailant ripple quickly out to include the connected lives of a housewife struggling with alcoholism, a stoner teen desperate to lose his virginity, a brilliant but failed writer fighting addiction, two parents confronting the prospect of terminal illness, and a brilliant grad student who wounds herself to feel alive. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Cody L (ag) wrote: Really creepy documentary about the urban legend of Cropsey and the man who may have brought the legend to life.

Jason J (kr) wrote: A well-made remake of the 70's slasher movie by Tobe Hooper. At an apartment complex in Hollywood, a couple named Nell and her husband Steven move in as they meet some friendly and not-too-friendly neighbors. It was once a place for the stars to live along time ago until weird stuff began happening with mysterious disappearances years ago. A homicidal maniac using weapons of any kind from drill to hammer begins killing off some of the residents one by bloody one and secrets from the past are coming back.This is such a great horror movie, and it has some original twists too. Angela Bettis is truly convincing as the paranoid heroine who investigates the strange goings on in the Lusman building and makes a startling discovery. Some of the gore is so brilliant and innovative, some that other movies have tried....but it never looked this good! The gore alone is what makes this such an amazing movie to watch. This is a fun little movie which has some plot holes in the forms of things that are never fully explained, but overall it's a very decent mystery slasher movie.

Anuj S (ca) wrote: A exciting thriller with some of the best actors of the time and a great story to back it up makes this thriller a must watch for all ages

Bat K (mx) wrote: An oddity. Gruesome, and at times bizarre, but I can't say I didn't enjoy it.

Jade F (mx) wrote: This one star is for the so-bad-it's-good quality.

Paul D (us) wrote: The title character is played very 'camp' and there's a lot of humour in this film because of it. The higher billed actors share a broody love story and it takes a while for the group to reach their martyrdom day which is the crux of the film. It's all very watchable though.

Aaron C (de) wrote: not your everyday (jack) black comedy. i decided to be kind to myself and watched this on fast-forward.

Michael R (de) wrote: An exciting return to form for the franchise.

Eileen T (au) wrote: Totally different than the first 4 movies, maybe because it was darker or because it was directed by somebody else