Ang galing galing mo, Babes

Ang galing galing mo, Babes

Babes has established a good reputation as an entertainer in Japan, that clients fight over her. But soon, the fighting becomes intense, she decides to come home-- but with a different identity. In her native land, Babes decides to continue her career as an entertainer and as expected, customers never seem to get enough of her. Later, she encounters Tol, a pervert who uses her to pay off his debts. Despite this, Babes is crazy over Tol and she agrees to the set-up. For a while, Babes could not get out of the situation -- until one fateful night...

Babes finds acclaim for her skill in fellatio. Because of this reputation, men are after her. One is a fine young man who marries her. One is a maniac who wants her for keeps. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Hafis E (de) wrote: This is what you expect from the guys behind "Turn down for what"

W W (nl) wrote: Had the pleasure of seeing this movie when it was first released and walked away looking for the first person that I could tell to go see this movie. Aside from the great cast that was assembled, it was nice to hear and see spoken word on the big screen. The director tackled real issues that can be a part of any relationship, no matter the racial makeup. Everyone knows someone that is dealing with or had to deal with domestic abuse. Things Never Said gives both a voice to the victims that suffer silently, and hope to those seeking to escape their circumstance. While it has flashes of anger throughout the movie, the message is not delivered in a heavy handed manner. If you haven't seen it, go!

Cyn Z (au) wrote: Horror in its most darkest splendor... some images will hunt your dreams for years after watching it!

Cynthia S (fr) wrote: The ending was disappointing to me. I understand that every movie can't have a happy ending, and it shouldn't determine the quality of the movie, but i really thought the movie ran out of gas. I loved the scenery, and holbrook was awesome. It just seems that more attention was paid to the beginning of the film. Decent, but by the end I felt it lost something...

S T F (au) wrote: Cute, but the manga was better.

Atul V (de) wrote: Boooooriiiing .... utterly crap !!!!

Sandrine A (ag) wrote: Sweet. Babi made me watch it twice already. It's lovely.

Christopher P (ru) wrote: This movie was billed as "Singapore's answer to Taxi Driver" or some other similar nonsense. be honest, I can't answer definitively on the matter since I didn't bother to finish the film. After 45 minutes of mind numbingly bad dialouge and hackneyed acting, I decided that the next hour of my life could be better spent alphebetizing my DVD collection (joking). But in all seriousness, this film was hardly watchable and comparing it to Taxi Driver does Martin Scorsese an unforgivable disservice.

Pablo G (mx) wrote: Terrible. Anyone who is not a hardcore slasher/violence fan will see that there is little to nothing to like about this movie. You can see how the people who made this movie were aiming to create some sort of homage to old school slashers, but forgot about everything that made them good movies besides the violence (which this movie does very well...but only that).

Douglas K (br) wrote: i'm a huge stellan skarsgard fan...and it's worth it just for the scene where he gives an aspiring filmmaker the lowdown on hollywood...

Aaliyah H (mx) wrote: I am a person who enjoys watching movies as well as reading and writing. I loved this movie and I wouldn't mind watching it again. It's the type of movie that you probably wouldn't get bored of. Some people say that it is plain and boring, but I think it has enough unexpectedness as to keep the audience interested. It bears a resemblance to Gus van Sant's previous movie Good Will Hunting, although Finding Forrester is more towards literature whereas Good Will Hunting is mainly about Mathematics. The similarities of the two movies do not take away from the fact that Finding Forrester is a deep movie with an incredible plot. The movie is very thought-provoking and it's not sappy nor depressing. At the same time, it isn't a feel good movie either.A reclusive author whose only book won a Pulitzer Prize becomes the mentor of an underprivileged yet extremely talented sixteen year-old, starring Sean Connery and Rob Brown. Jamal Wallace is a star basketball player and unbeknownst to his friends, has a talent for writing. The need to fit in with his friends is derived from playing ball. A prep school offers Jamal a scholarship due to his high test scores and their need to win the basketball championship.Although it is shown that Forrester is Jamal's mentor, Forrester learns things from Jamal as well, such as not being afraid of leaving his house and also that friendship is more than just being there.The acting is wonderful, especially from Sean Connery, playing the title character, and from Rob Brown, as Jamal. Even the minor characters in the film, such as Jamal's older brother, played by Busta Rhyme and Jamal's friends. Anna Paquin is great for her role as Claire, a rich girl from the prep school that Jamal transfers to. The only disappointment was the character played by F. Murray Abraham. Although he acted well, there was a complete lack of character development, and the teacher-that-gives-the-brilliant-student-a-hard-time stereotype is hard to ignore. Despite this one shortcoming, this is one of the best movies and is high up there on the recommendation list.

Michael W (gb) wrote: Irish eyes smile on the Leprechaun series with Vegas serving as a perfect backdrop. Maybe not a jackpot but quite funny in parts, probably due to Director Trenchard-Smith's handling of the material. Makes for ideal St Patrick's Day viewing and made me want to go back to Old Vegas.

Robert C (us) wrote: who doesn't want to hang with Chuck norris all day? Nice nunchuk scene

Tarin P (ca) wrote: Some of the scenes in the film where funny and overall the film wasn't boring or unwatchable. Taking pills that make your skin darker so that you can qualify for a university isn't terrible, but acting like a total jerk to other people once you're black is and it's also a little bit racist. Although I don't think it was intentional, it was still racist. The poster says " A comedy with a heart and soul. "...really?

Greg W (es) wrote: WWii pic made during WWII

Jeff L (fr) wrote: Movies flawed from head to toe and graphics are poor, I enjoyed myself though.

bill s (gb) wrote: Actually,walking quite small.

Kevin W (es) wrote: Typical Eli Roth movie but I thought it was better than Hostle