Ang lihim ng Golden Buddha

Ang lihim ng Golden Buddha


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Ang lihim ng Golden Buddha torrent reviews

Matthew H (it) wrote: A lazy film that forgets what made the other three films work so well.

Erich S (ru) wrote: good film with medicine - the original Grey's Anatomy

Jessica R (jp) wrote: Very good film about the humorous differences between Indians and Americans.

Aidan H (jp) wrote: From the really bad acting to the god awful visual effects, Star Wars episode 2 definitely is, the worst Star Wars movie.

Brett H (ca) wrote: Really enjoyed Steve Martin's performance and the sights filmed in Nelson, B.C. One of the best romantic comedies out there.

Li C (mx) wrote: I have a soft spot for any Benji movie, as I had a dog for 14 years that looked just like him. The expressiveness in Benji's eyes, and that adorable face (and damn those cougar cubs are so loveable) make the movie entertaining. It's not as adventure-filled as other animal tales of its genre (Milo & Otis, Homeward Bound...)...or maybe it just seems slower because it lacks narration... Either way, the tale is just as heartwarming, and Benji is even more adorable. I must say though, after the third (and fourth, and I believe there was a fifth??) encounter with the same wolf, it's like "Enough already! Got anything else?" Though the scene with the wolf's demise came unexpectedly and humorously.

Jeff B (nl) wrote: A fine tribute to the art of food presented as an amalgamation of Western and Samurai filmmaking.

Private U (us) wrote: Best Movie Ever! lulz

Demonic N (it) wrote: This looks really crap.

Kelly K (jp) wrote: "Candy" is a different type of movie. It is at once troubling and beautiful.Ledger and Cornish give stunning performances. Worth seeing at least once.

Patrick N (jp) wrote: One of Donnie Yens best performances. One of Wilson Yip's finest, well-paced, well-structured films.

Amanda P (br) wrote: A dark story line, disturbing and deep. Good performances from all. kept me glued.

Randy P (ca) wrote: Truly love this movie only on the fact that it is pure with heart.