Ang lihim ni Antonio

Ang lihim ni Antonio

Adolescent curiosities and sexual explorations of a 15-year-old boy named Antonio who's just coming to terms with his sexuality. Through Antonio's mother and friends, we get an interesting ...

The story about a teenage boy, Antonio, whose emerging gay sexuality alienates him from his friends and family, until his libertine uncle, Jonbert, comes to live with him and his mother... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ben M (es) wrote: Full of cussing but great actors and faithful adaptation

James B (fr) wrote: I felt like i had to try and equalize the balance a bit here. While it isn't a masterpiece, I found the film to be very entertaining. It is obviously gratuitous (you should expect that anyway). The film does what it tries to do very well in my opinion. Namely, build up a sense of hopelessness and empathy toward the main character, and then build to a crescendo of violent retribution. I felt that this was done perfectly adequately. The look and feel of the film, and the acting I thought were very good considering the obviously smaller budget as compared to the first one. If you compare this with one of the later Saw films for example, this comes across as more serious, sincere in a way and of higher quality. We're not coming into this expecting Ben Hur after all. (Are we?).

Lou H (ag) wrote: Very touching biography. I was able to chat with Roger a bit at the World Affairs Conference. What a fascinating man.

Anthony T (ca) wrote: Despite the reviews, this is a great film with outstanding performances by Idris and Ms. Harris. We don't need to know all the details but the intent of Madiba

Melanie R (es) wrote: this movie is flawed.. but I like it.

Lara D (ag) wrote: Psychological supernatural thriller that still has me thinking

Arushi K (au) wrote: ftwwwwww. I totally jizzed in my pants.

Jacob H (gb) wrote: Seriously funny.Director and writer Armando Iannucci (Veep, I'm Alan Partridge) brings us a spin-off of the highly successful british satirical political comedy The Thick of It. In the Loop chronicles the tested and uneasy Anglo-American relations during the run-up to a war. Simon Foster (Tom Hollander), a minor minister in the British government, makes a mistake when he states that "war is unforeseeable" during a radio interview. Before he knows it, Simon is one of the British governments biggest media figures and being sent to Washington D.C., along with aide Toby (Chris Addison), to meet with American political and military leaders. As Foster seems incapable of saying what he is supposed to he ends up being caught in-between pro-war factions and those who oppose the conflict. Will military action take place?I honestly can't understand why I haven't seen this film sooner; with its outstanding critical reviews and top cast. Peter Capaldi will stick clearly in your mind after watching In the Loop due to his scolding rants that are simply unrelenting and quite brilliant. Hollander produces a spot-on performance, delivering vulnerability and empty-minded hopelessness to the screen superbly. James Gandolfini also puts in a notable showing as under pressure Pentagon General Miller.The stand-out aspect of this picture has to be its academy award nominated script. Iannucci is a master of comedy as shown in some of his other work. In the Loop is no different with its non-stop satirical black comedy which is seriously funny. The plot is magnificent, the one-liners are very slick and the rants are simply hilarious (perfectly illustrated in the relationship shared by Chad (Zach Woods) and Liza (Anna Chlumsky)).A very clever film. And watch out for scenes with an Iannucci favourite, Steve Coogan.J.Henderson8/10.

Andrew S (au) wrote: Cant think of a better time to watch this

Todd S (jp) wrote: Why would anyone watch a movie that features Seth Green as a gangster or any movie with Vin Diesel for that matter? Personally, I had very little interest in this film, but I wanted to see it because of John Malkovich. He is so funny and no one plays the bad guy, better than he does. As always, Malkovich was brilliant, in an otherwise awful movie. Knockaround Guys is the story of four gangster's kids, who are tired of being nobodies, and decide it's time to make a score of their own. A score that they manage to royally screw up. It's a good premise for a movie and it was written pretty well. They did a great job casting veteran actors like Malkovich and Dennis Hopper to play the crime bosses, but they really blew it when it came to casting their kids. Seth Green isn't believable at all, seriously, I think the little kid in the beginning of the movie could kick his ass. They try to cover up the fact that he doesn't fit the role by making him a drug addict, but it doesn't work out. Vin Diesel is another one, he may be terrific in crazy action films that hardly have any lines, but when the role is something of substance, and requires a personality, Diesel is the last person who should be cast. He is one of the worst actors I've ever seen, but there is a bright side. When Arnold Schwarzenegger first started acting, he was pretty terrible too, but after gaining some experience, he blossomed into a superstar, who gave us some great films. I hope the same can be said about Diesel in a few years, until then, unless you're a die hard John Malkovich fan, you can avoid seeing this giant mess of a film.

Dan L (de) wrote: For a period monster movie, this is great! Enjoy if for laughs if you like old B-movies or appreciate how great we thought movies like this were when we were kids! I like it both ways!

James H (nl) wrote: 79/100. I have always felt this was a very underrated classic. Jean Harlow is at her wisecracking best. The cast is great and the dialogue is surprisingly racy. Patsy Kelly provides a lot of laughs in her delightful supporting performance. Great production, the costumes and art direction are superb. Fine score. It all adds up to a wonderfully entertaining movie.

Grami Tami N (mx) wrote: Book was WAY better... movie was flat.

Emma I (es) wrote: Why did this get such bad reviews? It's such a good book movie!!!

Kristen P (jp) wrote: I want to pretend David O. Russell didn't make this.