Unemployed and branded a trouble-maker, Jaikishan lives a poor lifestyle in a slum-area called Asha Colony, very near Andher's Lokhandwala Complex along with his sister, Seema; mom and dad. He comes to the rescue of a homeless orphan, Mili, who suffers from a deep inferiority complex, and permits her to live with his family. Brutally outspoken, he believes that India should be awarded unlimited gold medals for corruption at all levels, fully aware that these beliefs portray him as a 'revolutionary', and prevent him from securing any gainful employment. His life will be turned upside down when he refuses to go along with the plans of the Khan family - consisting of builder, Majid; his goon brother, Farid, and their seemingly benevolent father, Jahangir. His family will also be traumatized after the Police arrest him for the alleged broad-daylight murder of Farid.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:1992
  • Language:Hindi
  • Reference:Imdb
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An angry slum-dweller is arrested, found guilty, and institutionalized. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Aman A (de) wrote: While the movie was powerful and enlightening, it didn't have a wow factor. The movie seemed a fictional documentary rather truthful movie though. Acting was good and the struggle to do the right thing was shown subtly as well as in your face to nightlight the point. The conflict was decently well brought out but the imagination was lacking.

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Eric G (it) wrote: Jadoo means magic in Hindi. There is not a lot of it in this light british indian comedy about food. Nevertheless the cooking part looks delightful and I wished I could taste all the dishes. Noticeable: the first time is see a mixed race couple in an indian film (Asian woman and British man getting married) and the subsequent delicate dealings with Asian parents. The lovely Amara Karan gives a good performance.

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