Angel Dog

Angel Dog

This heart warming film is about a dog named Cooper who is the lone survivor of a terrible car accident. Jake, a family patriarch, loses his wife and children in the accident. Not being a dog person, Jake is angry and resentful toward the dog for even surviving. However, eventually Jake bonds with Cooper, and this bond ends up being the one thing that gets him out of bed in the morning, the one thing that helps him to go on living after such a tragic loss.

This heartwarming film is about a dog named Cooper who is the lone survivor of a terrible car accident. Jake, a family patriarch, loses his wife and children in the accident. Not being a ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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WS W (jp) wrote: I really love the opening scene, as well as the intersection through a bird's eyes. I love how it builds-up & delivering Gary's story. Audrey's one is also fairly cute & imaginative. I don't like the ending however.

Richard S (fr) wrote: Yes, Barbara. This is a reimagined, British version of our beloved American original. I had high expectations for this film for a variety of reasons. First of all, it's new, and has the use of technology that NOTLD didn't have, including, but not limited to, color Go-Pro cameras, cell phones, better makeup, better prosthetics, and what should be better acting.The setup: The first 15 minutes of this turkey caught my eye. We have our requisite Ben and Barbara, who seem to be destined for a hookup that would hold promise as being a great re-focused version of the American original. Sadly, this turns out not to be the case.There are a few references to both NOTLD and American Pop culture that are funny, stick-me-in-the-ribs moments, including Ben's cell phone wallpaper, and a few shirts some random British hoodlums are sporting. But directors never take advantage of those tongue-in-cheek references.Fast forward, and we are introduced to a British farm/cottage family, whose residents include a grandfather, "Gramps," Mum & Dad, son-in-law Kevin with very pregnant wife Jennifer, a younger daughter we'll call Chicky, and a couple of random, young family friends. Ben meets up with this family, tire tool in hand, and it does not turn out well. But that's all I'll say.About an hour into this flick, it gets interesting. But by the time some major plot points are revealed, you just don't care about the characters anymore. One issue that perked me up was when Chicky puts the move on Kevin, her sister's husband. But by the time that plot point leads anywhere, I was yawning and looking at my watch.And, of course, we'll overlook the cheap aluminum locks hanging off the outside of the bathroom doors that the family has a couple of biters locked in; or the stoic, bushy-browed Dad, who refuses to leave the family alone to get help, only to cave in at the end; or the TV news/cell phone blackout the family suffers. When the systems are restored, the group is sipping tea in the living room and looks like they are watching a BBC rerun, totally uninterested. PLUS, when did the Undead start wearing BLUE contacts? Looks like most of them are waiting for a date ...One big plus: The movie has a nice surprise ending, one of those where the peeps you REALLY WANT to be killed may or may not get their due. But the lagging, vapid script writing, coupled with all these Brits' stiff upper lips, leave us wanting more. Resurrection? This flop should have been left dead and buried.

Anet E (it) wrote: Critics contend, quote: "Detachment's heart is in the right place, but overall it doesn't offer any solutions to its passionate ranting." Duh and then some. That IS the point you idiotic experts! The movie makes the horrible point that there IS NOT solutions to its passionate ranting! Light-bulb moment!!

Eric L (ru) wrote: What a blast! It's my favorite schlockbuster from Syfy.

Aubra H (us) wrote: There Be Dragons is a beautiful tale of how two very close men can end up so different. Charlie Cox plays out Josemara in such a way that you are smitten with him and just want to join his group of renegades. Wes on the other hand shows you the cruel and side of war and you feel so much for his character. It sometimes feels a little drawn out, but portrays the Spanish Civil War perfectly.

Eric L (ru) wrote: Teacher of the year award winner gets competition from a new, hip teacher that everyone loves. A "message" movie.

Ali M (it) wrote: Being one of the first Indian movies I have ever watched, I didn't know what to expect.I have to admit I was enchanted and awed beyond my expectation by the way the brilliant storyline, the excellent acting by Amitabh, Hema and the others, plus the superb editing and production combined, to create the most near perfect film that not only Indian families can relate to but every family from every culture, race and nation, which is excellent in itself.I cried like a baby! Indian movies have a new big fan in me because of this excellent production, Baghban.

Todd L (it) wrote: how is Paxton not directing morebetween this and greatest game ever played he has shown great skill

marlon n (gb) wrote: this is a great movie you must see....

Martin M (mx) wrote: very sad a little unwatchable at times

David U (au) wrote: One watches this and wonders, "Why on earth did anyone want to put up the capital for this guy to do Tolkien? Oh yeah, because he's a freakin' genius!" Darker and more vulgar than any description could possibly capture, Meet the Feebles is line-crossingly fantastic.

Joshua L (us) wrote: Its not bad but not all that good either, cool idea but could've been funnier.

Cham O (au) wrote: Very well created sort of military drama. Very matured acting performances from all the young acts. It's about well trained bunch of cadets taking control of their military school to prevent it from closing. It's Tom Cruise's second acting role in a movie. Really nice story.

Lori G (es) wrote: This is a great movie, but the book is waaaayyy better! Check it out

Toshi T (mx) wrote: Marvelous twin sequences of Mamma Roma narrating her life story as fellow flaneurs, usually male, walk by her and leave. It's not a good sign for an ex-prostitute to start referring to one's son as 'little pimp.' Gorgeous b/w transfer on the Criterion DVD.

Harry D (jp) wrote: Gets an extra half a star 'cause the blonde girl in a pink dress has a great bush.