Angel Eyes

Angel Eyes

A story about a seemingly unlikely couple who cross paths under life-threatening circumstances as though they are destined not only to meet but to save each other's lives. Not once, but twice.

A mysterious man is drawn to a feisty female police officer and a unusual relationship ensues, as not everything is as it seems. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Caroline L (ru) wrote: The book was amazing. Movie, not so great.

Guimo P (es) wrote: Despite its unlikable characters, Fort Tilden is an enjoyable film to watch. It is not because of how the leads stupidly stare and argue while a kid steals their bike. It is not because of how a store owner puts ice on hot coffee with her bare hands to make them "iced coffee" for the two heroines. And it is not also because of the topless scene in the end, where a quarter of girls let their bare breasts hang loose at the beach. But it is because of how the two leads, without realizing it, develop some kind of compassion and humanity.

Andy G (fr) wrote: The single Moms Club is a very boring drawn out movie about 5 woman have problems with relationships and their kids and try to bond together since made from Tyler Perry so he can't make a good one all the time. C (2014)

Art L (us) wrote: An interesting psychological drama

Eric P (us) wrote: has decent twist but no real scares

Robert E (us) wrote: This was an odd duck of a movie. It had some strange narrative choices and I think it was a hard role for John Cho to play because the film-making choices didn't really make sense in my opinion. Right when you really start to care about what happens to his character, the movie ends. It seems like it was trying to recapture the kind of magic made in "Better Luck Tomorrow" but totally Korean-style, which is alright--but the finished product is unsatisfying. If there was a sequel I would watch it because the characters just aren't done justice in this movie. Oh yeah, and Simon suggested this one.

Sean C (es) wrote: Inside of Cult's small running time is a decent movie struggling to get out. It has been hampered by a rushed, almost breathless pace that leaves you confused and wondering quite what the fuck is going on. The acting is not exactly above par either, but waddaya expect? This aint top drawer horror now is it honey?

Miss J (kr) wrote: Interesting. It captivated me from a glance. It intelligent but not complicated. worth the time.

Jennifer B (au) wrote: Really cute. And sweet. And full of eye candy. 11/09

Lee M (au) wrote: PEP SQUAD isn't horror, and is all comedy and more or less fulfills its intentions of being a ultra-stylized satire of blissful teenage Americana.

Cynthia S (nl) wrote: Good sports movie. Pre-rock star Jared Leto...

Hannah J (ag) wrote: FAVORITE MOVIE EVER!!!!!!!!

michael l (ag) wrote: Only Almodovar can make a rape scene so damn funny

LordBishop34 (kr) wrote: Very good entertaining film. James Woods makes the movie. His performance alone carries this film a long way. Brian Dennehy is his usual self, playing a believable cop rarely having to stretch beyond that, which is a good thing. I would recommend this film to anyone.

Brad G (de) wrote: "See This Body? This Body Is A Lethal Weapon. It Could Kill You Guys In A Second." Yowza. The first film in the Andy Sedaris Guns, Girls, & G-Strings collection does not disappoint if you're looking for flashes of random nudity every two minutes. Yep, I cannot remember the last film I saw that had as much chest-popping T & A as Malibu Express. Darby Hinton's man-ho private eye is either taking advantage of women or being taken advantage by women every other scene, and with shocker bits of narration like "Boy That Was A Really Horse Shit Trip To Palm Springs! I Got My Ass Whipped, My Borrowed Car Shot Up, And I Was Raped!" Andy Sedaris' horrible trashmaking will have your howling with the cheap antics. VF.

David S (ca) wrote: Although there are stirring image sprinkled throughout, the film remains nothing more than a series of tableaux that are intentionally over-stylized and unintentionally dull and lifeless.

Joe A (au) wrote: Another golden oldie that is not only entertaining but features one of sci-fi cinema's most unique creatures courtesy of FX wizard Ray Harryhausen. A real treat that is filled with old fashion thrills and chills and heaps of nostalgic charm. I rooted for the monster as a kid and I still do!

Dan B (fr) wrote: One interesting little footnote to the Annie Oakley story, was the reason she began shooting. She was abused as a young girl, and found that the time away, and with a rifle seemed to change that problem.

Veronique K (ca) wrote: "in this our life" is bette davis' cooperation with director john huston, backsetted in the old south reputed for its insolent southern belle while racial bigotry still exists then. olivia de havilland's casted as davis' virtuous sister with the capacity and benevolence to make the best of everything, even the men disposed by davis. it might be a reminder of de havilland's miss goody goody image in "gone with the wind" but this time her counterpart devoids the glamourous polish and de havilland herself begins to show some hardened edge rather than her sweet pie lad image alongside errol flynn in swashbuckler pieces.davis is the wildly arbitrary sister of the reputed timberlake family with an uncle who has a drolling incestuous crush on her. with the uncle's financial backup,davis struts around, stealing her sister's beau then destroys him willfully, eventually her irresponsiblity deteriorates into framing a diligent black janitor after she accidentally runs over a woman. davis plays that kind of malicious bitch who could only be gratified by someone else's unhappiness, and once she obtains and devours something, she tramps it and tosses aside, absolutely guiltless and unwilling to take the blame with a pretentious victimized facade. unevitably "in this our life" is melodramatic with the archetypes of selfless gentle woman like de havilland and bitch-perfect bette davis, but at least it has enough relish to make a watchable picture, and john huston's noirish strokes add gritty seasoning to it. like "jezebel" and "little foxes", davis gets into the skin of another abrasive southern stereotype, malevolent egoist who is vain enough to disregard the welfare of others. "gone with the wind" glamour star vivien leigh also thrives in such southern belle role, such as her scarlet o'hara and "streetcar named desire", but the main difference between leigh's and davis' interpretations would be the relentless brass and spunk. leigh's performing style is more feminine and laid-back in the niche of shakespian thespian while miss davis shamelessly smirks and growls. maybe that's what defines davis' feminist poise, watching a woman who doesn't hesitate to galope full throttle being a bitch even she appears in a light of coquettish wardrobe by orry-kelly.

Evan B (es) wrote: Bad thing is that this seemed to have been able to have been a bad film which was good just because of the awesome side cast of Fred Williamson, David Carradine, and Kane Hodder along with a fresh Eva Mendes. It's to good to be true. With Dimension now using California more than anything, cornfields now have mountains apparently and the corn kids now live in houses and keep gardens. Again, this is a whole new universe made which sucks. The cinematography and lighting is bad. Just... poor.