Angel Heart

Angel Heart

The down-and-out private detective Harry Angel is ordered, by a mysterious man named Louis Cyphre, to go on a mission to find a missing person. His routine failure soon leads to a bloody spar with himself as Harry Angel goes on a supernatural journey into his soul.

Harry Angel is a private detective contracted by Louis Cyphre (Robert De Niro) to track down the iconic singer Johnny Favorite. But the investigation takes an unexpected and somber turn. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Octavian (gb) wrote: [Interested: cannot find.]

Darlene J (us) wrote: I called the local Regal theater and talked to a woman who knows nothing about Andrew Breitbart. I told her this would be a very popular movie. I am still waiting to see if it will come to my area. There is too much bias against conservatives. I am tired of everything bewing from a liberal point of view, which means they lie about conservatives. How about presenting the truth from conservatives who usually get silenced. Stand up for truth!

Marilee A (es) wrote: A fictionalized account of actual events? What ever happened to Compassion & Morality? Leaving someone to die in your Windshield, unbelievable !!! Well, Karma is a Bitch !!!

Darren P (au) wrote: Mildly interesting but much of the film comes off as staged or manipulated rather than an actual documentary.

Daniel S (ca) wrote: The musical numbers were amazingly catchy and beautiful, but I found the main story moved a little slowly. It ran a bit long to me. I also wish they hadn't made the love interest so likeable if they weren't going to keep him around, but overall, I liked it.

Paula K (kr) wrote: This would have come across better on the big screen - mostly a series of racing sequences with some loose plot in between.

Spencer H (gb) wrote: Ridley Scott is a master director and he still shows his skill in directing by making this movie. Black Hawk Down is one of his best films.

Bob W (ca) wrote: This supernatural murder mystery theme is now fairly well worn and now predictable for today's audiences, but Kevin Bacon's performance is compelling.

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Lukas Z (fr) wrote: The tedious build-up lasts longer than the actual survival half of the movie, establishing many characters that end up becoming useless, and right when it starts to go somewhere, the movie ends.

jay n (au) wrote: Saucy little number put across by Barbara Stanwyck with her customary grit. A prototype for women behind bars pictures the film moves at a solid clip and packs a lot into its brief running time. They even find a chance to have Lillian Roth sing! Foster is a dull lead but the other players all contribute good work. Holds up well until the questionable denouncement.