Angel John

Angel John

Maradonna (Shanthnoo) is an aimless youngster who likes to waste his time doing practically nothing other than fooling around. For him everything in life is Oru Rasam (just fun). He likes to take the easy way out and lacks focus in his life. He is the only son of Joseph (Lalu Alex), a Banker and Mary (Ambika), who dotes on him. The only person who has a soft corner for him is the beautiful Sofia (Nithya Menon) who has a limp and is the daughter of a failed filmmaker, Kuruvilla (Vijayaraghavan). Maradonna messes up his life by getting into company of friends and starting an internet café that fails and to recoup his losses and attracted by ‘easy money’ he gets into drugs. Soon he is conned and loses everything after pledging his house to a ‘blade’ moneylender (Salim Kumar).

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Alicia M (au) wrote: good movie lots of gore. love miguel ferrer.

Criss T (fr) wrote: I'm loving this film, great inspiration. I own a copy of it now

Sarah F (au) wrote: I wonder what this is about, i think ill see it!

Chlo G (gb) wrote: Absolutely hilarious. It's like Start Wars, Lord of the Rings and Jesus combined with horrible acting and some incredibly cheesy romance thrown in.

James W (gb) wrote: This was really good. Kinda like "Batman Begins" meets "Unbreakable" meets "The Power Rangers".

Jon E (gb) wrote: WOOOOOOOO! GO PEE WEE

Chip R (es) wrote: Just corny fun, and it's about a comic book creator going on an adventure masquerading as one of his creations.

Matthew A (mx) wrote: What a fucking force of nature this film is. WOW.

Stephen M (fr) wrote: A gritty and uncompromising film; it pulls no punches at all, portraying tough men in a tough job. Stanley Baker is the ex-con drawn into the hard and seedy world of driving ballast, where money is earned by the number of loads and failure isn't tolerated. The Foreman, Red (Patrick Mcgoohan), is an evil man with no compassion, employed to pressure the drivers by any means available. McGoohan is perfect as the Irish thug, his menace is palpable. When challenged by Baker, McGoohan responds with intimidation and terrorises the well meaning Gino (Herbert Lom) who has befriended Baker. Whilst McGoohan is a thug, Willilam Hartnell is particularly nasty as the bent manager, in cahoots with McGoohan and sharing the profits. In his attempts to stop Baker, McGoohan loses the plot and tries to kill Baker, with disasterous consequences. Peggy Cummins is the love interest and whilst everyone mentions Sean Connery, the remainder of the cast is a line up of British stars from the 50s and 60s. This is up there in my top ten films; not because it's a masterpiece but because it's surprisingly tense and thoroughly watchable.

bill s (kr) wrote: Spends far to much time on the set up that it forgets to add a viable story.

Richard S (mx) wrote: Such a melodrama, but a good one. George Brent does his usual charming and kind of sweet work, and Ms. de Havilland is really quite wonderful. But through it all, Ms. Davis chews and works the scenes and despite it all being too, too much, we love it all the same.

Cooper C (au) wrote: This movie is absolutely excellent.