Angel Town

Angel Town

A graduate student and martial-arts expert rents a room in a house owned by a single mother who lives there with her son. A local street gang is trying to recruit the son, but the new tenant tries to help the boy's mother keep him out of the gang. When they learn of this, they target both the mother and her new tenant.

The film centers on a martial-arts expert moving from Paris to southern California and rents a house belonging to a single mother. He gets difficulty when the local street gang tries to persuade her son to follow. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Angel Town torrent reviews

Nick G (it) wrote: Not worth watching if you love horror. This just scrapes through as a B Grade Horror, bad acting and a bland plot.

Jorge R (nl) wrote: BEST PART ARE THE BLOOPERS AT THE END. Other than that, it's a little slow and boring. May be suitable as a family movie tough.

Stephen B (ag) wrote: Voyant le dernier commentaire sur ce film je suis oblig d'en laisser un par dessus. Avec peut tre l'envie de dire a la personne qui l'a crite que quand l'on ne comprend pas un film, qu'on le trouve mauvais par ce fait alors que la note globale du film est assez parlante sans qu'il s'agisse d'un blockbuster bien au contraire, on se remet peut tre en question plutt que de dconseiller aux gens de le voir. Congorama n'est pas un film qui donne envi a M.Tout le monde, c'est un film cinphiles curieux d'en dcouvrir un nouveau. Je n'ai pas vu la bande annonce, mais a moins qu'elle soit drlement bien mene, elle ne doit pas non plus donner envie de se prcipiter voir le film. Cependant une fois lanc, malgr un droulement assez lent de l'action (ne pas y voir une critique mais une constatation), on se laisse compter l'histoire sans se dire que le temps est une fois cette histoire termine il n'y a pas d'impression de perte de temps. On a suivit le droulement d'une histoire assez bonne, et pass un bon moment a la suivre. N'est-ce pas l ce qu'on attend d'un film....

Rachel (br) wrote: Amazing story. By the way... for those of us who've seen this movie. SHUT UP! Don't tell the story..that's why it's called a movie. You watch it to see what it's about. Nobodies going to watch it if you tell the whole thing. -_-' geez peoples use your brains.

Bill B (ca) wrote: Cute romantic comedy, though the Chinese definition of comedy seems to be much more vaudevillian than ours, as the situations and slapstick come at you fast and furious.Worth a rental.

Zed L (fr) wrote: His sixth sense is pretty far-fetched, but this was a good movie.

Stanley C (ru) wrote: Even though Mulan isn't the best hand drawing ever of a Chinese woman, and that's rather racially unfitting since Chinese women are super attractive, this movie is pure pleasant eye candy what with depicting a Chinese girl, a funny dragon and a cute bug all teamed up with the funny, clumsy Three Stooges all against the Huns, the ISIS of Ancient China. This is one of the best hand-drawn animated films ever made.

Vadim D (br) wrote: This is a must see, foreign classic. Powerful beyond words. Beautifully told and superbly acted. You'll forget its a movie.

Emma K (es) wrote: This had some pretty dark scenes which is always good to see in a kids film

K M (de) wrote: This movie is very slow moving, predictable, with unconvincing relationships between the characters, and a pretty boring plot. A very good-looking Rob Lowe was the only thing that helped me through this film.

Ade A (jp) wrote: "Shocking and controversial"...How so?

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James H (es) wrote: Does anyone not like Chevy Chase? This is a fantastically hilarious Christmas comedy with great performances (the comic timing from everyone was spot on). You don't need to have seen the other films to enjoy this one as I've only seen the Europe one once. I've seen this many times though, I rewatch it every year and it always puts me in the festive mood, which is the highest praise I can give this film. The family has a relatable quality to it because of the stress of Christmas and the director makes sure to keep the actors in check by stopping them from going over the top with the silliness. This is one of the best Christmas films of all time. It's on my list of films to watch every year.

Alex K (mx) wrote: Funny but forgettable

Mayank A (kr) wrote: Expected much more form the life of the only Irish to be deported from Ireland, either they missed out on the important issue or his life was not that interesting. The working of the church in the community was the fun factor in the movie.

Christopher B (jp) wrote: Very interesting. Enjoyed very much.