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Angeles caídos


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Rity C (ag) wrote: Featuring an array of impressive performance and technical credits, the film is reminiscent of John Dahl's early 90's thrillers such as Red Rock West and The Last Seduction.

Aco L (kr) wrote: Awesome! It gives me some ideas about Kyoto and maiko, which is I never know

Melanie H (au) wrote: Good acting and gave you a taste of what the streets of Kingston are really like. Strong actint .Loved it.

Chris S (de) wrote: I am glad that this isn't as surreal as people say it is. This is a film that judges Leopold and Loeb not because of their sexuality and identity but because of their immoral choices. It doesn't see their acts of homosexuality as a perversion but it sees them as parts of their identities. Not as artistic as but more interesting than the film Poison, this is a great and important part of the New Queer Cinema.

Adam U (ca) wrote: great casting for a B movie Ray Wise was great as his dad, Brooke Nevin should have had a lil more kick ass omph

Silvestre S (au) wrote: This is a type a film that is so bad its sort of good making its decent plot clear and understandable it doesn't give us enough emotion and adventure to make us enjoy the film but it was enjoyable even though the CGI effects were horrible and it isn't a film worth watching in theaters but something to watch during in the family night dinner on a Thursday.

Scot C (gb) wrote: A wonderful film! And i'm surprised this hasn't really gone global yet.

Ed M (gb) wrote: Very cute and overall pretty good. Snoopy and Woodstock are awesome.

Simon D (de) wrote: Well, until now my knowledge of Muddy Waters and Etta James was very limited and now I know a lot more so this film did it's job. Not a bad film, not really my type of music but I enjoyed the film nonetheless.