Angelique and the King

Angelique and the King

Soon after her latest husband death, the King himself (Louis XIV) meets with our heroine and begs her to help convince the Persian Ambassador to agree to a treaty. However, what they didn't realize was that the handsome Persian was in fact a sexual sadist. So, it is up to the King's half- brother, some Hungarian prince, to save Angélique from the evil troll's clutches.

In the third of the Angélique series, the heroine is sent on a mission by King Louis XIV, and later finds herself the subject of rumors. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Randy L (nl) wrote: brilliant, mercurial, empty. this is not nearly as illuminating and powerful as the McNamara film (which MUST be seen first), but an essential view.

Michelle R (ag) wrote: Cute flick, pretty simple but absolutely adorable.

Colin T (ru) wrote: More tolerable than the first Thor film.

Simon P (de) wrote: The best parts of this film are in the trailer. Oh, and the fact that they got Eric freakin' Roberts to show up. He's clearly only taken the role as a cheap holiday, and I can't blame him for it. Great location, awful film. I wanted a bit more Sharktopus in it, to be honest. Watch the trailer and leave it at that.

James D (kr) wrote: Worth watching if you enjoy sci-fi action but not particularly memorable and a bit of a let down for those who liked the other films.

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Michael H (ca) wrote: Full of wonder and invention, but ultimately nothing more than whimsy

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Tom H (ag) wrote: the good points of this movie are more subtle, yet very well communicated, IMHO. definitely from another time and place. very good performances by Jack Lemmon and Jack Gilford.

Jessica H (ru) wrote: This was pretty funny, really.

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Liam B (mx) wrote: You never really know how "Predestination" is going to play out which is why it plays out so well.

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Joel R (de) wrote: Fascinating crime drama that boasts one of Oldman's best performances to date. Lena Olin's strange turn as a scene-chewing villainess is mesmerizing and not to be missed.