Ângelo Anda Sumido

Ângelo Anda Sumido


  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:17 minutes
  • Release:1997
  • Language:Portuguese
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:Ângelo Anda Sumido 1997 full movies, Ângelo Anda Sumido torrents movie

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Ângelo Anda Sumido torrent reviews

Suraj P (it) wrote: How could a movie be so bad boggles my imagination. Indian cinema needs to improve drastically. The hero in this movie needs to go for acting classes. Just being an actors sibling is not good enough.

krupa p (br) wrote: Really cheap looking film due to terrible special effects; could've been better as the storyline has potential. Anyway would avoid.

Kat S (nl) wrote: just so beautiful in a girly lovey dovey way

Raji B (fr) wrote: Good film by an up-and-coming Director.

Andrei O (de) wrote: Nu mi-am putut da seama, de fapt, despre ce vorba in filmul asta, cel putin din trailer. Christopher Walken mi-a atras curiozitatea sa vizionez trailerul dar, in afara de faptul ca e vorba despre un giulgiu furat, nu am inteles nimic. Pas!

Eliabeth C (de) wrote: pretty inspirational

Rintuna S (it) wrote: Didn't like the beginning, but as I continued to watch I thought it got better and better. Loved the ending. I felt the film was well put together and it suited my taste. I do however understand why the audience didn't respond the same way. So my rating has more to do with my personal taste rather than agreeing with the crowd.

Hossein N (us) wrote: Dec 2010 (with Kaveh and Setareh) - This was a very good romantic movie and it got better and better as it progressed. The music is very good and integrates so well with the story. Also I couldn't be happier with the ending. The suspense is appropriate and I like the fact that there has been a careful choice to avoid lengthening the ending. I was a bit unhappy with English chosen as the main language and I also thought the beginning was a bit slow and made it easy to get distracted.

Chase H (au) wrote: Good movie, iwasn't expecting to wanna finish it when iselected it on demand but it kept me interested, so check it out

Jill R (nl) wrote: Good but overrated.Grade B

Ben D (jp) wrote: The first film to bring Catherine Breillat to an international audience, and the first to explore her interest in female sexuality. The film is constructed in a familiar French form - the seaside holiday - but becomes franker than any take so far. A film that shows considerably talent.

Christopher B (au) wrote: A great "creature feature". Must we deny the existence of the Horla? Ian Wolfe makes a fine character again.

Edward K (br) wrote: Students from the after-school film club at the Tibetan Service Center of New York:Pinkyxoxo: I really liked the movie, "The Hunters." It was very interesting. I liked how Trip, Paxton, and Dylan escape their problems undefeated. Furthermore, I liked their smart characters.TS: There was a lot of adventure and foreshadowing in the movie. The ending was not very clear, but other than that the action and setting dovetailed well with the mission Tripp, Paxton, and Dylan were given. Overall, I thought the movie was well made and worth watching.Chouu: I like the movie because it becomes a mystery and the ending is unexpected. Furthermore, I like the part when the girl who actually turns out to be the antagonist tells the group that they should not have given her the clue to lead the way to make the vase. In addition, I like when they have clues and have to figure things out.

Adam R (ru) wrote: (First and only viewing - 3/23/2013)