"Angels" is a trilogy. The three episodes featured in the movies are: "Angel of Mine", "Daddy's Angel" and "Angel of Love". "Angel of Mine,"

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:127 minutes
  • Release:2007
  • Language:Tagalog,Filipino,English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:one word title,   rape,   murder,  

"Angels" is a trilogy. The three episodes featured in the movies are: "Angel of Mine", "Daddy's Angel" and "Angel of Love". "Angel of Mine," directed by Gina Alajar, features a career woman... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Daniel G (br) wrote: good intro, second half began to lag and never picked up

Adrienne B (nl) wrote: I love cheesy thrillers like this. I was so scared I could hardly watch.

Jason T (jp) wrote: meh. teenagers, haunted amusement park, no fat people or midgets...yawn.

Jordan P (gb) wrote: The Messengers has the beginnings of an intriguing, hauntingly malevolent frightfest, but given the amount of writers and directors on board, nothing particularly scary or fresh is presented to the table, resulting in a film that adds little to the haunted house subgenre.

Timothy S (mx) wrote: I'm sure there are a wealth of worthy thrillers to be made from the James Patterson "Alex Cross" novels, and maybe "Along Came a Spider" might have even been one during another day and age. As it stands, this is a forgettable film hampered every step of the way by a bland cast and weak script riddled with red herrings and ridiculous cliches.The story as it is set up is an intriguing one, but it gets so polluted along the way with preposterous plot twists and silly story lines that are never fully resolved. Morgan Freeman cannot be faulted as Cross, despite the fact that he is saddled with some pretty lame dialogue meant to make him sound wise and mysterious. It does little to convey the character as the master sleuth he's meant to be.The rest of the cast is disappointing, with Monica Potter little more than just another pretty face playing a Secret Service agent and Michael Wincott as the not-very-menacing villain. The real bad guy here is screenwriter Marc Moss, who litters his script with meaningless complications and shocks that only work because they're so outlandish that there's no plausible way they make sense. It's bad enough he throws one Secret Service agent in on the kidnapping plot, but when the final twist is revealed, you'll want to head for the exits. Yeah, you won't see it coming but that's not a compliment because the whole thing defies logic.The pieces for a good puzzle are all present in "Along Came a Spider". The problem is that when you put them together, you discover you have a lot more pieces than you need.

Wu C (nl) wrote: Very bad film that's almost saved by Dabney Coleman. Don't bother unless you've got a soft spot for terrible 80's movies.

Paddy J (de) wrote: Possibly the worst storyline and/or script writing in history - the "All Star Cast" should all have been villified for their stupidity in being in any way associated with it. They made comedies that mocked the Airport movies as a direct result of their crapness, but this bit of crap didn't even reach that accolade!

Charlie B (ca) wrote: Another masterpiece from Mizoguchi!

Bleu L (nl) wrote: Aside from being poorly directed and unable to find its pace, I Still Know What You Did Last Summer packs enough kills and thrills to please any fan who already counts himself as a fan of the first.

Alex S (kr) wrote: Papillon features great acting from its two leads, provided with an excellent script, even if at times the movie becomes long and boring