Angels and Cherubs

Angels and Cherubs

A tragic celestial-western that explores Adam and Eve's paradise from a surreal point of view.

A tragic celestial western that explores a surrealist point of view of the lost paradise by Adam and Eve. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jovan J (ca) wrote: I respect the film for tackling a very particular and unique mental state, the premise is quite different from any film I've seen. The performances were good, especially from the main character, some of the best acting I've seen from a child, considering the subject matter makes it more impressive. Taking the precocious little kid and turning that on its head is a good move and layering a bunch of family drama on top definitely got my attention. However, as the film progressed, it got more and more silly until it suddenly got very serious then it ended somewhat abruptly, somewhat leaving us back where we started. Maybe it's a testament to the film that I care so much, but I was definitely left wanting more.

Kristen M (au) wrote: To be honest, I only wanted to see this because Phil was supposed to be in it, but he has no lines :S Either way, it's not a bad movie...predicable and a little dull, but still quite charming.

Alejandra P (au) wrote: Jajaja muy caonaaa!!! Mucha coca!! Mucho sex!! jajaja

Eslam A (br) wrote: OMG !!! ... when i saw rating,comments and poster of this movie I was sure it will be another good Hindi film but ..... when i saw it i realize that ! this is the best drama film i have ever seen before ... its amaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaazing :) and about Rani Mukherjee she is absolutely deserve the Oscar

Jesse O (br) wrote: This movie didn't really leave an impression on me one way or the other. As implied by the rating, I didn't really like it, but it's not like I was horribly offended by anything in the film. There is some really bad story progression, sometimes you have no earthly idea how something comes to be, like how does Ken Ma get injured/betrayed and when, because I certainly didn't get to see any of that. Not that I really cared to be perfectly honest with you, but I certainly noticed it. You would have to be deaf, dumb, and blind to not have noticed it. But, much like I said, I found it really, really, really hard to care about anything in this film. The film certainly has a solid cast but it's weird seeing Eason Chan play the womanizing part instead of Aaron Kwok. But maybe that was the point, get them to play against type. There's also some decent laughs, but nothing that will cause your gut to hurt or that you will remember 24 hours after watching the film. Again, there was nothing about the film that I found horribly offensive, other than its cinematography, which was pretty atrocious, but I really do not feel comfortable giving this 2 stars. I think this is a little better than 1.5, but it's not 2. That would be me being generous. A few laughs and a decent cast does not a good movie make. It certainly helps, but you need far more than that to have a good movie. That's my opinion at least. I don't mean to discourage anyone from watching this movie if they really want to, but I just didn't really enjoy it one bit. Not terrible in any way, but you could spend your time on something so much better.

Nicole S (ca) wrote: could not get past the the first 15mins

John E (us) wrote: Lovely movie, takes me back years, was probably 10 the first time I saw it and waited a decade for the rewatch, exceptional! Anna Paquin's accent is lovely and Jeff Daniels is outstanding, as always... a must see.

Brett S (us) wrote: Decent acting, pretty generic biopic though.

Melissa W (ru) wrote: Thought-provoking, entertaining, and humorous. I recommend!

Al M (nl) wrote: Rodan continues to demonstrate Ishiro Honda's status as the god of 1950s b-movie sci-fi/horror in Japan. Rodan follows in the tradition of Honda's Gojira but uses multiple monsters and the awakening of a long-dormant volcano as the backdrop for his story. Rodan features more than just the flying pterodactyl-style monsters--it begins with the appearance of giant buglike creatures that end up being the food source of the Rodan. And it automatically ups the ante by featuring two Rodans, a strategy that allows it to have one of the most poignant and poetic endings in this early history of these films. While Rodan is no doubt a cheesy film, the ending (even with its campy monster effects) is an emotional and reflective moment that explores the intersection of love and death. If you enjoy kaiju films, then Rodan is a classic that you must not miss.