Angels in Fast Motion

Angels in Fast Motion

The unflinching tale of Maria, Allan and Steso, who are struggling for survival. Maria is a pusher frau, wandering restlessly among addicts, abusers and bikers in a relentless search for love. Allan has just returned from an ill-fated trip across the Pacific and must reclaim his life and stay clean, but ghosts from his past return to haunt him. Steso, the intellectual, god-forsaken and prophetic cynic, does his utmost to unite the two polar opposites that give meaning to his life: his girl and drugs. All three try desperately to make some sense of the madness, but how do you find meaning in the chaos that is life? And how do you find love if you can't recognize it?

The intense, realistic and unflinching tale of Maria, Allan and Steso, who are struggling for survival in urban life, about drugs. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Joel R (gb) wrote: A movie about pick up lines. Love it. Best line: San mo gusto ikasal? sa tabi mo..

Julie S (mx) wrote: If you're in the mood for a bit of sympathising with a murderer, this is a good film. I was totes in love with Andrew Garfield's character by the end of it. It's pretty gritty and gross to watch (like scraping the bottom of a barrel and making a film out of what came off it) and you see where it's heading pretty early on but still the ending feels somewhat devastating. Watching Garfield dance on speed was good fun though.

Nick N (es) wrote: I was a bit skeptical before watching this film. Its the 4th film in the series and the first not to star christopher walken. But was surprisingly well done, had me scared at some parts.

Mpho M (jp) wrote: This movie was a bit too long and very one-sided. However, the U.S. government and it's paid consort, the media, ensured that only one side of the story was ever told. Frankly it's a story that I never bought. Sadly, I find the filmmaker's implications much more plausible. Namely, I don't believe the Branch Davidians set fire to themselves. I do believe that certain government and law enforcement agencies became so obsessed with nailing a guy whom a) they considered a kook and b) they need to avenge for embarrassing them two months before the fatal April 19 inferno, that they lost sight of the original objective, which was to serve a warrant to search for illegal weapons. Later, other elements of government, namely Janet Reno and company, got called upon to help with the "cover up" or alibi or whatever you want to call it. Regardless, this is some bad shit. I don't understand a lot of Branch Davidian religious beliefs, and I don't agree with those that I do. I do think that Koresh should have been held accountable for the accusations of child abuse and statutory rape that eventually superseded the weapons concerns. But our government consigned those people - many of them children or elderly - to a horrific fate. Some will say they did it to themselves but I have never seen anywhere in the Bill of Rights that exercising religious freedom or the right to bear arms is punishable by incineration in your own home.

Andrew P (ru) wrote: greatest movie ever!!!!

Orlok W (ca) wrote: From 6 inch pet to 36 feet long pest--Great movie. A creature-feature done right!!

Rod A (de) wrote: There is a spirit of nationalism coursing through this film, a nationalism older than India itself.The film is an epic and paints its plot with broad strokes. It's the atmosphere that's most arresting. We are made privy to the sensibilities of an impoverished Indian woman and, although there have been other films like this one (Earth, Grapes of Wrath), the unique Indian perspective is refreshing and intriguing. The music stays in your head.

Jeffrey N (de) wrote: I didn't think this was as bad as people said. It seems like any other silly Will Ferrell movie.

Greg W (de) wrote: "The gentle story of a marriage, and of how music can help make a broken heart whole again."