Angels in the Dust

Angels in the Dust

ANGELS IN THE DUST is the story of a courageous, self-sacrificing, fiercely loving woman who chooses a spiritual path over a material one; it tells of the life-changing power of one compassionate heart. For a nation overwhelmed by an epidemic of HIV/AIDS, orphans, rape, violence, and Apartheids legacy of social and political unrest, the film offers a clear pathway of hope and a replicable paradigm for the future.

Marion Cloete, a university-trained therapist, along with her husband and two daughters, fearlessly walked away from a privileged life in a wealthy Johannesburg suburb to establish ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Franois M (kr) wrote: 4 mois, 3 semaines et 2 jours nous plonge dans la Roumanie des annes 80..... L'histoire de cet avortement clandestin est captivante et totalement brillante. L'intrigue fonctionne de faon chirurgicale et m'a "scotch" mon divan............ Du grand cinma.

Kelly K (gb) wrote: This was such a fantastic film. I thought the acting was absolutely phenomenal all around. It was outlandish, and yet still very realistic in terms of the struggles and dealings that occur in an ordinary family. It shows that "stuff happens" but as a family, as a team, you have to get up and keep going. Most importantly, you have to stick together. Definitely worth seeing.

Loyal D (it) wrote: A pretty funny comedy from the Wayans brothers. It was raunchy and funny. It all made sense, but the plot seemed kind of dry after awhile. Its still a lot of fun and enjoyable if you don't take it too seriously. It's just a funny joke of a movie that is kind of cute in a weird way.

Sanjid P (fr) wrote: An insane portrayal of insanity that comes with bit of Gothic & art house treatment & plenty of surreal stop motion animations! The movie's basic premise concerns how best to run a lunatic asylumshowcasing two approaches - absolute freedom versus control and punishment. And according to the Czech director Svankmajer, (who tells that at the very beginning of the film) there is a third way that manages to combine all the negative aspects of these two approaches and it is the reality we live in!The animations cut in between scenes to help illustrate the progress of madness on screen. Crawling flesh or sometime as ~meat puppets(TM), rolling eyeballs, tongues dancing in beer glassesall in all wonderfully contributed to the grotesque, surreal & satirical nature of the film.

Chris S (au) wrote: I'm not a huge fan of football or sports movies, but this movie is exceptional! Football is just a subplot for a great story that deals with the conflict between races and their integration to become a better team and a better community. Excellent acting and well written all around!

Marlon O (jp) wrote: Somehow, It seems that it is a waste of character knowing that john Smith is not the Leading man anymore. But, as long as Pocahontas is happy, Ill support her then. John Rolfe is a good replacement too.

Jordan K (fr) wrote: Small Soldiers, although with a decent overall story, is incredibly mean spirited and repetitive for an obvious Toy Story knockoff. With some dreadful acting (except for that of Phil Hartman) and repetitive, tiring plot continuations, Small Soldiers is forgettable.A line of army toys known as the Commando Elite are placed with military chips that make them walk and talk intelligently - this new toy line causes living hell for Alan and his family and friends, who must protect themselves from the clutches of the Commandos, who wage war on them for hiding their sworn enemy, the misunderstood Gorgonites.Small Soldiers seems alright in its first half hour. With a seemingly promising story, although blatantly created to rival that of Toy Story's fame, it seems entertaining enough. When the Commando characters are introduced, we are treated to a horde of lifeless, army cronies led by an even duller Tommy Lee Jones portraying the trigger happy captain Chip Hazard. The story is ruined by this addition of waging war, with repeated slapstick antics made by the Commandos becoming tiring and idiotic. The overall story proves that it doesn't have much to work with because we see the same kind of storytelling over and over - the Commandos destroy some stuff, attack the humans, and are packed with weapons. The element of the original bad guys, the Gorgonites, being the real good guys creates a misfit gang of supposedly humorous and misunderstood rejects like a wisecracking comedian and a giant eye - Small Soldiers is pretty ridiculous. The story is way too mean spirited to be likable because it's practically if the green army men from Toy Story decided to kill Woody and Buzz instead of being humorous parodies of army cliches. The Commandos are dull and lifeless, but our Gorgonite protagonists are admitedly annoying. The acting is mediocre at best - Phil Hartman always delivers in his roles, but Dunst and the other slew of forgettable actors are noticably bland. Small Soldiers doesn't deliver well and leaves viewers dissatisifed with what could have been a genius idea turned into a bland, mean spirited take on Toy Story with machine guns.

John B (ag) wrote: Hoffman and De Niro seem to have a contest as to who can bore the other more effectively. This film which could have been an interesting talking point instead becomes a forgettable food note.

Del H (us) wrote: Robert Rodriguez yet again proves that he is the master of spinning the tropes of midnights and B-movies into highly entertaining, funny, and actually halfway decent yarns. This may not be the best that either screenwriter Tarantino or director Rodriguez can offer, but it sure packs the hell of a punch in raw entertainment.

Alexandro O (it) wrote: A housewife never had it so insane. It's another take on the daily craziness of being a woman in Madrid via Almodovar. Maura once again acts this one down.

Jason S (ca) wrote: I didn't care for this. The humor didn't land it's just a very gross film (visually).

Mohamed E (it) wrote: HUNT THE MAN DOWN (BAD MAN'S RIVER) (1971)

Dan B (fr) wrote: Something of a time capsule movie, preserving not only 1930s Paris and Michel Simon(TM)s remarkable lead performance (not to mention those of the excellent supporting cast), but also the then bourgeois codes of behaviour " though they are soon disrupted by a spirit of (semi) romantic anarchy. The story may be as shaggy as Simon(TM)s beard and the tramp(TM)s chafing against convention seems very much of its time, but the relaxed attitude to morality feels quite modern; and while Renoir(TM)s direction is generally unobtrusive, he appears full of delight in being able to capture real people and locations. Pretty much a must see for lovers of cinema history in general and French films in particular.A quick note on the screening. The version presented at the London Film Festival (and soon to be released theatrically) has been painstakingly digitally repaired, removing scratches and jumps to create an image that is almost pristine. Yes, something is lost " it(TM)s slightly more akin to watching a DVD now, but the improvement in quality justifies the process and it is to be hoped that other damaged masterpieces will soon be restored with similar loving care.

Jason M (de) wrote: Indiana Jones' worst movie is still a delight.

Bobbi M (kr) wrote: This is one of my all time favorite movies and I think you fucking critics suck at your job