Angels One Five

Angels One Five

The summer of 1940, Pilot Officer T.B. Baird arrives straight out of flight school to join a front line RAF squadron at the height of the Battle of Britain. After an unfortunate start and a drumming down from his commanding officer, Baird (nicknamed 'Septic' due to his initials) must balance the struggle to impress his Group Captain, regain his pride, fit in with his fellow squadron mates, and survive one of the most intense air battles in history. This is the story of just one of "The Few" and how they managed to fight off the might of the Luftwaffe, despite overwhelming German air power.

The film is a look at life in an RAF fighter station during the Battle of Britain. Instead of taking viewers up in the planes, it places them in the control rooms that use plotted maps, flashing lights and giant boards to follow the deadly flights. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Mj F (br) wrote: Slow, and contrived. One of the leads is fine, but not the other.

Jason B (br) wrote: Cool movie! Finally an awesome skateboarding movie!

Jim A (mx) wrote: thought this would have been better,good to see Jonathan Silverman again on screen and Mandy Moore masturbates with a cucumber so its not all bad

Kevin K (au) wrote: Donald Sutherland just amazes me for the whole show. He is so into the character, and he is so believable. This show really give the twists and turns of a normal young guy, facing the world with his job, his interest, his family and his love.

Morris N (it) wrote: It's outstanding. Beautifully made, edited, etc. The issues raised by this film will linger long after the film is over. McNamara doesn't shy away from most of them. He doesn't answer certain questions, probably because they have no answer. I recommend this film to anyone interested in history, politics, war, money, power, ethics, the big questions, etc. It should be required viewing before graduating from high school. Fascinating in every respect.

Lenore S (kr) wrote: Not as exciting as I thought it would be.

DavidMichael C (jp) wrote: Really good documentary on probably the most infamous hip hop label ever

Dave J (es) wrote: Monday, November 15, 2010 (2000) Maelstrom (In French with English subtitles) DRAMA/ MYSTERY Marie-Jose Croze as Bibiane Champagne tired and while driving on a dark cold street hears somebody or something banging against her car while driving and continues on driving! Upon the next morning she tries to reavaulate what had happened and as the film progresses, viewers get to be "entranced" by the all the parties involved that she intertwines connected with whatever happened at the beginning in an odd and very strange kind of way. Somewhat of an unpredictable film which has similararities to "The Headless Woman" released in 2008, David Cronenburg's The Naked Lunch released in 1991 and David Lynch's "Mulholland Drive" released in 2001 except "Maelstrom" has a soldified resolution! 3.5 out of 4

Dr A (jp) wrote: What the flying fuck is up with chick flick dramas? Autumn and the sick woman wit an unknown ailment. OK... she dies and the guy left behind changes because of her positive influence over him. How about a chick flick that destroys everyone when she lives and leaves things even worse after she dies?

Anthony V (ag) wrote: Julien Temple gets an "A" for effort in creating a modern musical recreation of the 1950's British Teen scene. The problem here is that the movie is too dark and risque for the family crowd and too light-hearted and tame for the adult crowd. It catches momentum in its third act, has a star making performance from Tony Hippolyte and Patsy Kensit, a great musical numbers by Bowie, Davies, and Sade, but would have benefited more by sticking closer to the source material of the Notting Hill Riots, instead of turning it into a cartoon.

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Johannes J (gb) wrote: Ed Cornell: "When I get all my evidence together, I'm gonna have you tied up like a pig in a slaughterhouse."

Molly R (gb) wrote: I found this to be a little weird and slow moving, but I enjoyed Kristen Wiig and Hailee Steinfeld's performances.

Nick P (ru) wrote: Talk about rushed origin stories. The issue with animated superhero films, is that sometimes they have TOO much fun with them...and they lose a sense of being a standalone movie. The voice acting is cheap, the dialogue is cheesy...and in the end you almost know nothing of the characters.

Giem A (de) wrote: Fantastic movie,really liked it.load of mysterious moments u feel when u watching the movie ;)

Rob M (gb) wrote: One of the best kid's sci-Fi movies I've ever seen. Animation is so good. Really captures that 50s drive in feel.