Änglagård - Andra sommaren

Änglagård - Andra sommaren

Fanny and Zack is back, after she inherited Änglagård last year. Everytone looks forward to their new stay. Axel has told Fanny he is her father, but who else? Ivar also thinks he is her father. Be ready for expectations and confusions.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:127 minutes
  • Release:1994
  • Language:English,Swedish
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:sequel,  

Another momentous summer for Fanny and Zac . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Änglagård - Andra sommaren torrent reviews

Scott Don J (jp) wrote: good film..for a movie I've never heard of luke goss is top draw playing a man who bets it all only to lose everything in a deal gone wrong..good film

Sabrina A (de) wrote: i manage not to like kimutaku that much, i wonder why... xD

Carlos R (ru) wrote: how do you spell... shoot you in the fucking face?

David K (kr) wrote: It was great seeing some of these actors when they were just starting out. The concept of this movie was great, as was its execution.

Brad W (jp) wrote: I'd never watched China Beach, so Dana Delany broke my heart in this. The first half is just devasting if you let yourself get sucked into its world. (I did obviously.) The last basically builds to another Taxi Driver conclussion. Still, a look at a different profession, so the interest factor is there. Unfortunately seems a bit lazy in the end. (May not be Schrader's fault. Gotta give the money people something.)

Graham L (it) wrote: A fascinating & forgotten curio, and proof that there was more to Hammer films than gothic horror. A paradox in many ways - dated, yet prophetic, wooden, yet spellbinding, quaint, yet disturbing. A wonderful setting of Weymouth, and an early performance by Oliver Reed at his brooding, malevolent best. A beautifully filmed film, which was re-written almost on the fly, and suffered many production & post-production problems, but which leaves a number of unforgettable moments, the influence of which can be seen in a number of other films right up until today. This cross-genre (traces of sci-fi, horror, thriller and more) forgotten gem from 1961 is well worth a view for fans of cinematic history

Dave K (gb) wrote: One of his better films.

Liam C (fr) wrote: It seems like when Favreau and Vaughn work together it shows their progression of their lives. They've had their fun in 'Swingers' but now it's time to get serious with relationships and given all of their disgruntled looks on the cover, it doesn't look like it's going well. The film has a good intro that highlighted how far the leads have come over the years and I liked the build up by showing us the four couples all interacting with one another and taking their time to get where they are going. Although it seemed kind of odd that Shane's girlfriend wasn't there when they were all getting the talk of where they were going, I know she probably didn't care, but still and it was funny Cynthia mentioned Disneyland because Kristen Bell would go on to be Anna in 'Frozen'. The cast for his film is very impressive and they all do a good job, even if it seemed like Vince Vaughn wasn't in it much at all and Favreau's character seemed kind of mean and it was an odd coincidence that Jason Bateman's character was called Jason. The film has quite a lot of cameos in it and it was odd to see Ken Jeong play a normal, quiet character for a change.The film was funny and did have jokes in it but the longer everything went on the story got quite serious. Now I don't know if that could be called a bad tonal shift or if it could be said it fits perfectly because if the direction the film had been going up until that point because it makes sense. I know it's a comedy but I don't really think a film like this should be hilarious the whole way through, given the serious nature of the subject matter and should have some downtime for our characters to interact. It might sound cruel but I didn't really want a clichd happy ending either as that would be something different and would fit the theme of the film as well because I liked the serious aspect as much as the comedy, but when it gets to its conclusion they make it work. I also appreciate the lack of any cheap jokes, for example a couple goes to have a massage and while they put down to have massagers of the opposite gender to work on them, I expected the husband of the relationship to get a male massager because of some reason like there were no women working that day. Although, the yoga scene probably went on a little longer than it should have and it wasn't really realistic at all, most of what the couples do isn't, but that's part of the joke. The film also has its coincidences, like a character meeting their wife in the resort and while they do give an attempt to explain why she is there, which is appreciated, it is still a little unrealistic. And of course the manager plays 'Guitar Hero', which is the very same game Vaughn's character is involved with, but that was a pretty good scene though, with the 'For a Few Dollars More' theme playing, although it didn't show them playing the game that much, but shows it enough to know that they aren't just looking at a black screen or anything. I couldn't really tell if this film was filmed on location or on a green screen; like a character says at one point, 'it's like a screensaver', sometimes it looks like it is a green screen but some of the other times we clearly see our characters interact with the beach and have the wind flowing in their hair, but even then the background looks like green screen, but who knows? I know it is part of the setup and joke but why would a singles resort need couple's skill building? Surely if they're meeting for the first time over there, they're going to be okay.While I think it would have been better if it either stuck to doing comedy or drama, as the actors are more than capable of doing either, I liked the film the way it was and mixed them well together. Which might actually be the problem as people might have been expecting a laugh-fest, I understand it's labelled as a comedy but, and perhaps I'm looking too much into it, if you're being serious, how funny can martial issues be? To which some might say why was this made but I'm digressing. I've wanted to see this for some time because of the actors and how beautiful everything looked and I'm glad I finally did. Some might say the cover represents our reaction, however, with good actors that all have good chemistry with each other; 'Couples Retreat' was enjoyable.

Jacob A (de) wrote: Loved it....whenever I watch it I always smoke a blunt and eat a big ass sandwich

Tyler A (ru) wrote: at first I thought this movie was gonna be boring but it turned out to be pretty entertaining def not a movie about zombies more about life and the relationship between two survivors in a zombie filled world. really not sure why the critics loved it so Much though don't think it's that amazing and the ending was horrible to be honest I hate when movies leave it your imagination just not my style

Alex O (fr) wrote: a movie that i always love to watch. it is heartwarming and quite frankly an awesome movie in my opinion