Änglagård - Tredje gången gillt

Änglagård - Tredje gången gillt

Yxared, where our friends Axel, Henning and all others live their life once more get to see Fanny, Zack and their daughter Alice. Alice wanted to come. Where are their roots? And who is really Fanny's father? And who is Alice's father?

A lot happens in a small village in 15 years. People fall in love, get married, have kids and divorces. Some move, some die - in Yxared just like in other places. Zac, Fanny and her daughter Alice travels back to to the small village in Ostergotland. Alice makes them return - where does she come from, what are her roots? The question about who Fanny's dad is, arises once more. And Alice, who's her dad? . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Änglagård - Tredje gången gillt torrent reviews

Dorianator F (kr) wrote: Very funny, entertaining, random movie. Made me laugh a lot. But, in terms of story, it is pretty much clear of one.

Jimmy L (us) wrote: I was pleasantly surprised by how amusing this movie wound up being. When placed against a majority of comedies that get a theatrical run, this one proves to be better.

Keshav P (ca) wrote: Although this movie is predictable to say the least, Michael Douglas carries the film. His performance makes us forget about the awful acting from Charlie Sheen and makes this movie bearable.

Catherine W (mx) wrote: Peter Lawford is SOOOO delicioso... Fun movie.

James H (kr) wrote: 5.5/10. This movie has nothing to do with the Leo Gorcey/Huntz Hall movie series by the same name. This is a low budget "B" crime drama. Not too bad, very routine.

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