Angne & Svullo 'Här och nu!'

Angne & Svullo 'Här och nu!'


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Angne & Svullo 'Här och nu!' torrent reviews

Laa A (es) wrote: bad movie very overrated

Johnny W (br) wrote: A fun and hilarious parody.

Tyler S (de) wrote: I saw this movie as a kid and obviously didn't appreciate it at the time. However with great movies you remember parts about it that stick with you. The relationship between Fondas character and the young boy were memorable. So much star power in this movie it's just ridiculous. Predictable of course, but with the Performances is doesn't matter at all..

Jesse L (gb) wrote: The first half is a test of patience for many, but if you stick around, the ending will reassure you that it wasn't all a waste of your time.

Sgt C (au) wrote: (55%)A super cosy little British comedy that has grown to become a national favourite mainly owing to its bags of charm and almost time capsule likened look at Britain's wartime past. For me this is more quaint than funny, but watching it is like being wrapped in a winter warming blanket. The performances are fine with the almost ever present in films from this ere Gordon Jackson, while Joan Greenwood is almost hypnotic in her memorable performance as the love interest. After the ship is plundered the movie becomes much more fun and entertaining to watch, with its two fingered salute to the rules and the people who make than. Fans of classic British comedy that haven't already seen this should without doubt track it down.

Nick C (us) wrote: I have no words to describe how terrible Aloft is.

Nicholas I (jp) wrote: With a misleading title, this film is a great example why these 4 heroes can't be brought to the big screen. From shoddy direction by tim story to uneven writing and hammy performances, this film is far from fantastic.