A story of identical twins and mistaken identities based on Shakespeare's play A comedy of errors.

Based on Shakespeare's 'A comedy of errors', this is a story of identical twins (2 pairs) and mistaken identities. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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john s (ag) wrote: Interesting idea and nice special effects for an action movie, but the script and the acting was as hokey as an episode of Andy of Mayberry. Takes place in Boston, but not a single character has a Boston accent, not even a badly faked one.

Scott C (au) wrote: wow...chavez would not approve. riveting from start to finish.

Jarrett G (ca) wrote: The evolution of the people in this documentary is what makes it worth watching. Behind the scenes shots and a small peak into the movie biz add to the 'neat' factor.

Hady M (ru) wrote: I Laugh So Much Really :D

Sameer Q (fr) wrote: My Superrrrrrrrr Favourite MOvie I love this MoviEEEEEEEEEEEEE So MuCh

Christine O (jp) wrote: Anything with Steve Buscemi is worth watching

Morten (us) wrote: "Le Beau Serge" both started Chabrols long career and the french new wave. The story is qutie simple: Francois returns to the town in which he was raised and discorvers an old friend has started drinking and in generel lives a pretty misrable life. Francois decides to help, but finds out it takes a lot more effort than one might think.The story has some extremely cruel momements and deals with as harsh themes as incest; a guy having an affair with two sisters; jalousy between friends and small town people in the bad way (See: Straw Dogs).Compared to Truffaut's "Les quatre cents coups" and Godard's "A bout de souffle" this movie seems a bit less experimenting. The movie, however, is just a brilliant as "A bout de souffle" and definitely one I want to watch again.

Daniel M (es) wrote: Interesting film and can be entertaining

Quentin A (es) wrote: Interesting.... and well thought out for a slow passed murder flick. whith a wide variety of actors known from all movie genras.

Timothy P (jp) wrote: About as good as you can get with the "annoying narrator, blatant parody" genre.

Cooper H (au) wrote: An incredibly fun action film led by Arnold Schwarzenegger and Carl Weathers. The predator itself is often hid but you still fear him none the less.