Angry Planet

Angry Planet

A criminal sentenced to life on a prison planet reveals his true purpose: to extract revenge on the killers who murdered his family.

A criminal sentenced to life on a prison planet reveals his true purpose: to extract revenge on the killers who murdered his family. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Riff J (au) wrote: Great movie that has quite a few scares, as well as a chilling storyline. And best of all it has a great ending. If you enjoy Oculus be sure to also watch Flanagan's 2006 short 'Oculus: Chapter 3 - The Man with the Plan' (which this film is based upon). NOTE: more often than not if you like one of Flanagan's movies, you're likely to also be a fan of his other works, so check those out as well.

Jennie M (us) wrote: Most splatter I've ever seen in a movie. Had a great story line and loved the characters. loved it!

David Q (ru) wrote: Val Kilmer actually came across genuine and his accent was spot on, 50 cent came across like two nickles mumbling through his lines like he does his wraps, the wild "mexican" dude and the "hillbilly" cop came across even worse than 50, the movie was barely worth the rental

James M (mx) wrote: Not a bad psychological thriller, although the ending could have wrapped up the plot a little better.

David F (kr) wrote: What a load of drivel.

Jaiden C (fr) wrote: Can you understand the words that are coming out of their mouth? I can't this movie is so confusing. The only reason to watch it is the CIA scene.

Julian T (au) wrote: Even from their very earliest of collaborations, you can tell that Parker and Stone would go on to great things. Both have said over the years that they are always trying to turn what they make into musicals. I haven't seen 'The Book of Mormon', but when comparing it to 'Cannibal', it has some awfully big shoes to fill. The biggest reason this is so successful is obvious: it is hilarious. Full of off the wall goofy humor that is surprisingly intelligent and clever. This would become their trademark in later years. The characters, songs and overall story are great. Some really quotable dialogue and memorable scenes that really elevate the initially ludicrous concept of a musical comedy about the Donner party. What is even sillier though are the completely random moments that are never expounded upon or explained. It as if the absurdity is not even noticed by the characters, making the world they live in seem even more strange.The filmmaking itself is amateurish as to be expected. Very shoddy camera work, sound editing and just about everything else. Fortunately, this totally works in making the film even further removed from reality, as well as giving it an aged feel that lends itself to this type of narrative. The hammy and awkward acting sells this aspect very well also. This is really a microcosm of Parker and Stone's entire careers as their biggest strength is to take advantage of absurd and low quality media. This is a one of a kind movie, and certainly a one of a kind musical. It is great in its own right as well as being a perfect precursor to Parker and Stone's future endeavors. Its star may even be shining a little brighter now that they appear to be on the downslide. Their earlier works have always been their best, and this is a terrific example.

Salil S (au) wrote: Epic and devastating, this film captures a time period with so much sincerity that one feels his heart aching once it is over........

Drew H (nl) wrote: Another solid 80s thriller by Poitier and Phoenix

Jay B (ru) wrote: My cheeks hurt. Brilliance.

Jamie C (ru) wrote: I pitty the fool who doesn't love this film(Sorry) Mr T plays a great villain, The fights had more action that worked great even if they were over the top, Less drama but still a great sequel.

Joseph C (ru) wrote: Well, they did try. This Jaws-like movie has some interesting moments -- but it is completely derivative, and not in any way which distinguishes it creatively (Jaws is, itself, derivative, but brilliantly so). I like monster movies, so I had to watch this, but it might lend itself easily to MST3K-type riffing.

Michael T (au) wrote: Meandering, sometimes brilliant, definitely a product of its time.

Carley E (us) wrote: Always fun to see John Wayne being John Wayne. Several moments in the film bring a groan; however, several are delightful.