Angshumaner Chhobi

Angshumaner Chhobi

A journey of four people, Pradyut, Madhura, Neel and Angshuman, through the making of a film. Legendary actor, Pradyut, had chosen a life of exile. Madhura, National Awardee for her debut film, now leads a frustrated existence. Neel, passionate about dance and astronomy, chances on something that changes his destiny. Angshuman, returns from Italy eight years after completing a course in film direction. He has an interesting script on the curious relationship between a septuagenarian celebrity painter and a young nurse. The project is a non-starter with constant setbacks. A crime occurs brings emotional crises to a peak. Despite all adversities, Angshuman is determined to see his dream project through.

Angshuman, a young film director, comes back from Italy after eight years, having studied cinema there, to make his first film. He puts up a determined fight against all obstacles to ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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