Angus is a large, pathetic 14 year old whose thoughts are most often filled with the image of one Melissa Lefevre. Angus is shy and thinks that he has no chance of ever 'getting' her. Being especially uncool, he is incredibly surprised (along with the rest of the school) that he is chosen to dance with her at the Winter Ball. The only one not surprised is the cool-kid who set him up to fail, but Angus' best friend is going to help him win the heart of Melissa by developing a new look for him

The movie centers on high school freshman Angus, a miserable class fat-boy, an object of scorn and derision who secretly has a crush on the class beauty, and ends up becoming the surprising participant to dance with her at a high school dance. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Shane B (us) wrote: don't see what all the hype was about with these movie, not sure how they made so many of them, it was cheesy and the american werewolf movies are way better than these

Ola S (br) wrote: This film has caused much controversy in Italy, the land of Berlusconi. People in the rest of Europe often ask how this man is possible. He is prime minister, but also accused of dominating Italian media.Erik Gandini's documentary shows the worker, who dreams of being successful by some act combining Ricky Martin songs and karate. It also shows the agent in white clothes with Mussolini songs in his cell phone, together with the paparazzi king, who with considerable self irony calls himself a modern Robin Hood, who takes from the rich and gives to himself. And then we've got all the girls, hostesses in the most stupid TV shows, there they sometimes act topless and sometimes in string bikinis. And so on.But the interesting question is who we are to blame. Is it the provider or the audience, who watches this? That's what the discussion ought to be about.

Patrick H (gb) wrote: A touching, moving movie riddled with numerous cliches and predictable turn of events. Decent.

Ricardo A (it) wrote: Tries to play different but bad acting and bad characters kills it. Crush tries to bring some fresh air to the table because of a weird twist.

Lloyd D (br) wrote: Terrible 2nd sequel is more a cash in on parts 1 and 2 then a true sequel. A group of teens hold a slumber party and a killer starts killing them by one one with a drill. The acting is passible but the direction kicks itself in the nutz by not only very loosely connecting the killer to the son of the killers brother ad sorry for spoilers but the killer is invited to the party which kills the uninvited guest storyline one and two already set in stone. The kills are brutal but look and feel tired like the filmakers were bored halfway in

Private U (de) wrote: One of the best films to come out of Turkey/Kurdistan. It is an excellent example of Third Cinema and Marxist filmmaking.

David S (es) wrote: Death Race 2000 is a cheesy satirical film about the direction of society at the time and where it was heading. With fantastic humour, and tongue-in-cheek comments on the french, this movie is enjoyable and silly at the same time. The remakes do not do this classic justice and completely miss the point of Death Race 2000, as do many of its critics (and some fans). Surprising to see Stallone act like such an arrogant antagonist so well.

Vidyuth V (us) wrote: Amazing...full on fun....Black and white movies with mickey rooney!!..Rock!!!

Djmk T (ag) wrote: I honestly don't know why I keep watching these cheap zombie movies. Call me a sucker but I do love the zombie genre. However, this falls far from such great zombie films such as the original George Romero films, etc..