Aniki Bóbó

Aniki Bóbó

The story takes place in the old streets of Porto and by the banks of the Douro River. A gang of very young kids has just accepted a new member, Carlitos, a shy boy who has "played it tough... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Chloe G (jp) wrote: I've watched it 4 times by now, and I'll probably watch it again. Every emotion Kyon feels, you feel as well. It's especially effective the first time when you have NO idea what's happened, though. Don't let anyone spoil it for you! It helps that Yuki is my favorite character. And Mikuru is my least favorite. The screen time reflects this. I'll say of it, though, the reason it works so well is exactly the same as the reason the show works: the actors. It's amazingly directed, scored, animated, scripted, so on... but trust me from watching parodies and remakes, Tomokazu Sugita is the only Kyon. Aya Hirano is the only Haruhi. Minorin is the only Yuki. It goes with this for everyone, down to minors like Taniguchi. He wouldn't be half as hysterical without Minoru Shiraishi, would he? The only fault I could possibly pull from it would be that it's impossible to watch it without watching the show. This doesn't seem like such a big deal, but I feel sad for people who won't be able to enjoy this amazing movie because they haven't watched it. And if they tried, they would end up giving out before the end of Endless Eight. Even I gave out during Endless Eight.

Deepak M (ca) wrote: When a filmmaker doesn't hesitate to expose his/her personal life before the camera, you can only expect justice to what s/he eyes for. This documentary shows the grim reality and deep rooted conservative character in Indian society when we talk about sex. It shows the of irony of Indian people that we prefer to talk about our love and sex life on air with an unknown like LOVEGURU, but the society doesn't give us the liberty to be open and vocal about sex. Strange it may sound, but India which taught the whole world sex with the book of Kamsutra, doesn't even have a healthy discussion on the inclusion of sex (rather sex related topics) in formal education. Q brings facts from our culture, religion and present social life to demystify the significance of sex in age old Indian culture. Nevertheless, the bold film on love and erotica has won a National Award (On Family Values) ...

Eddie S (it) wrote: Wicked movie where Tilda does some multiple roles! This one reminds me a bit of Female Perversions :) Probably Tildas fault anyway ...

Evan H (fr) wrote: It has a ridiculous plot that doesn't lead to anything special. The hot guy in it makes up for it with his nude scenes. This movie is hard to find and out of print on DVD. If you find it then definately watch it because of the hot guy!

Nicki M (kr) wrote: Somehow managed to never see this before, thought it was time I checked it out. Story (and I use that word lightly) is about a group of young people living in a share house (maybe I mean squat, since no one actually pays rent). It just flows along until a tragedy at the end. No huge story to it. I wouldn't say it is fantastic, but I can see why those who grew up with it would love it. Never really liked Michael hutchence or inxs, so that wasn't a factor for me.

Paul D (jp) wrote: This is a interesting story from the war, although whether it is strong enough for a feature is debateable. This one does lack fizz either way.

Juliano K (ca) wrote: better than i thought, as dumber as I theought. Love it!!! Even more getting all this mortal kombat vibe, so many things that could have inspired my fav game ever!!!!!Love it, will watch it again for sure!

F B (au) wrote: Great film and very enjoyable watching.

Curtis R (gb) wrote: I don't hate this movie. yes it has some of the worst moments in all of the films, but it also has some of the best. Kirk travels to the center of the galaxy, meets "God" and isn't impressed. That's the best premise ever! the "I'll die alone" line is a setup to a significant payoff in this movies and others, the shore leave scenes are fun and the scene in "not ten forward" is really good. to bad the rest of the movie is what it is. the villain sucks, half the jokes fall flat, the brother backstory is forced, and the dance sequences will haunt your nightmares.