Anima and Persona

Anima and Persona

A mob boss must deal with a disgruntled mistress and a vanishing bag of cocaine.

A drama that unfolds between two rival mafia gang on a single day when a bag of cocaine gets stolen by two innocent people. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Anima and Persona torrent reviews

Paul D (de) wrote: I have seen a lot of really great sports movies over the years. This is NOT one of them. Boooo!

mark v (ag) wrote: Very cool and sexy. Decent story with an international cast

DG j (fr) wrote: When a woman falsely accused of murdering her husband is released from prison after 8 years, she hires a private investigator, determined to find out who framed her. What she doesn't know, is that the killer is about to do it again.

Stai W (br) wrote: Anything Naruto is great!

Ross L (jp) wrote: Distillation of Van Sants style of art. Sound work is magnificent throughout, evoking the gradual fading out of the world. 7 minute static reverse tracking shot is hypnotic.

Kelvin H (br) wrote: Watched this 6-7 times for English class at school. It is somewhat entertaining, but with all the analysis i had to is now a turn-off. Pacino's egotistic approach to this undermined the aim, in my opinion, as instead of looking for Richard - he has become Richard himself.

Grant H (au) wrote: Very good movie. Funny, cool, beautifully shot, nicely edited.

Adam P (gb) wrote: Absolutely amazing. David Tennant is a revelation in the lead, and the rest of the brilliant Royal Shakespeare Company breathe new life into the script's genius with their naturalistic and human delivery. Cleverly recontextualizing the play in an exciting and palpable contemporary setting, this is the definitive modern version of Hamlet.

Brian S (br) wrote: One of my all-time favorite films, based on one of my all-time favorite books. Both changed the way I look at the world and at my own life. What more could I possibly need to say? And so it goes.

Kevin N (ca) wrote: A spectacular Chaplin short with equal parts heart and laughs. Charlie rescues a gypsy girl from her abusive road family only to watch her curiously explore the pleasures of free life...including other men. The tramp's humble bravery and tendency toward generosity is fully blossomed here; it is incredible how much virtuosity this artist can fit comfortably into such a short running time, and how wonderfully he would later expand these ideas to fill a larger canvas.

Logan M (gb) wrote: The delightful penguins from the "Madagascar" franchise get their own movie, and are able to carry it for the most part.

Bill T (fr) wrote: Enjoyable and silly, this movie has enough action star fantasy square offs to make any fan salivate. Jet Li vs Dolph Lundgren? Steve Austin vs. Stallone? etc etc. Deep. dark, and deliciously violent, the plot is hardly relevant, but everything violent is surprisingly satisfying.

Brian L (ca) wrote: If you watch this movie and enjoy it, it will leave you reviewing yourself more than the movie. Is it in bad taste-yes, is it goorish-yes, is it well written-no, is it well could go on and on and it would be hard to find any way to compliment this movie. So why did I like it, don't know. I grew up next to a drive-in and think that has something to do with it??? I would'nt admit to enjoying this movie publicly to anyone of respect. But to whomever reads this...I enjoyed it. Watch it when you tired, too tired to analyze and you'll enjoy it more.