Anima nera

Anima nera

A man with a past gets married and it seems that he will be able to start a new life, but an unexpected inheritance gets in the way and deteriorates the relationship with his wife.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:97 minutes
  • Release:1962
  • Language:Italian
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:based on play,   lesbian,  

A man with a past gets married and it seems that he will be able to start a new life, but an unexpected inheritance gets in the way and deteriorates the relationship with his wife. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Lisa D (ca) wrote: This was sooo sweet and heartwarming! Loved it!! <3

Terry Y (au) wrote: Been waiting for this one for months, on Netflix Instant!

Patrick B (gb) wrote: A unique plot with an interesting cast and a proper atmosphere that all live up to the title, but an ultimately unsatisfying ending to make any of it have really mattered.

Stephanus W (br) wrote: A nice movie about parenthood... parents, you might want to check this one out...

Nick W (au) wrote: Genuinely creepy....

Steve R (fr) wrote: A prequel story that's not bad, but not great either.

Elsie J (au) wrote: Tienen q verla es maravillosa, bellisima!

Jenna I (us) wrote: Seems like it was a completely awesome event, unfortunately I'm just watching the movie about it.

Phillip M (mx) wrote: You know those movies that you keep buried in your backpocket in the event that you want to show a friend or significant other something they might not have seen? I have a few, but Devil In a Blue Dress is definitely one that I find myself referring more often than not. I pulled it out of the crates recently for the wife and I to watch and ended up appreciating it way more than the first time I saw it.Ezekiel "Easy" Rawlings (Denzel Washington) is fortunate enough to be one of the few black men in 1940's California to own his own home. After getting fired from his job at a nearby plant, he is forced to take on a private investigating assignment in order to keep that home. His job is simple: Track down the whereabouts of a one Daphne Monet. The money is great, but it takes him down a road of intrigue and murder that he never expected. He has to get to the bottom of the mystery while warding off the cops, the crooked man that hired him, and two highly elected officials who also happen to be looking for Daphne.The film can be confusing at times as it take a lot of twists and turns. It definitely requires your complete, undivided attention. It's a good thing that the mystery is so intriguing you can't help but pay all the attention you can afford. What begins as a film about a man trying to locate a missing person quickly turns into a story that you realize has multiple layers. Interesting Motives. Plots and subplots. It has everything you need to keep you glued to the television.Denzel's performance was stellar as it typically tends to be. He's charming when he needs to be, but can flip the script in heartbeat and take on a more intense nature. His range never ceases to blow my mind. He slightly, and I mean just slightly, outdid Don Cheadle's performance as Mouse, Easy's crazy, reckless friend from Houston. Anytime Mouse was in a scene it meant that trouble could happen at any moment. Seventy-seven seconds. That's literally how long he was on screen before he shot his first person. Clearly a man that doesn't have time to waste, his hastiness is also endearing as he is willing to rush to a friend's aid at the drop of a dime. He doesn't have to say much to leave you laughing. He's got a number of lines that stick out, but my personal favorite was: "You just said don't shoot him, right? Well, I didn't. I choked him."Devil In a Blue Dress is a memorable, phenomenal movie that will stick with you long after you've watched it. I give it a 92.

Vuk S (ru) wrote: A decent and obscure little flick about an undead cyborg woman, equipped with a shitload of deadly gadgets, killing off the guys who raped her in her previous life.The whole movie feels like a low-budget rape/revenge thriller with a femme fatale version of the Terminator, nevertheless it is pretty fun and entertaining. Most of the killing scenes were hilarious and way over-the-top, one even included a man with inflatable breasts. The makeup and special effects are really good considering this is a B-movie from the early 90's. I've also found some of the dialogue to be quite witty, especially during the ending scene.It is pretty hard to come by nowadays, I believe it never received a DVD release. If you stumble upon this title, and you're a fan of cheesy, low-budget sci-fi, I assure it will at least be an entertaining watch.

Andrew J (ag) wrote: 'You can only fully master and possess someone you have killed'

Johann M (au) wrote: A gorgeous 1964 Hollywood adaptation of another Broadway musical and a huge success. Audrey Hepburn stars as Eliza Doolittle, I realize now of her range as an actress, depicting a funny poor lady with a marked Cockney accent becoming a refined lady with an ellegant accent with the help of phonetics professor, Henry Higgins. Pity she did not sing at all. 8 Academy Awards won, including Best Picture! Great songs!

Julien L (de) wrote: Dlicieusement kitch et compltement barr. Pensez donc : des crabes, devenus gigantesques aprs avoir t exposs des radiations, tentent de reconqurir la terre, qui selon leur dire (Oui ils parlent! Ce serait trop long expliquer.) leur a toujours appartenu (?). Pour se faire ils commencent par attaquer une petite le o squattent des scientifiques ringards. Leur temprature corporelle tant trs leve (??), les crabes font "fondre" l'le qui s'enfonce petit petit dans l'ocan (???). Et sinon elle est bonne ta weed Roger?

Chris T (ru) wrote: One of my favourites.

Tom T (nl) wrote: 9.0/10I personally like this one more than most of the Rocky series (please don't kill me). The final fight is absolutely epic.