Animal Factory

Animal Factory

A young man goes to prison and a tough, older convict takes him under his wing as a mentor.

The film follows a 21-year-old boy is in prison because of drug trafficking. After facing many difficulties, He realizes the prison is where violence is the only way of life and must attempt to fight for survival. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Animal Factory torrent reviews

Paul D (es) wrote: About as cheap a set as it comes with practically the whole film in one small wooden box, but there's great drama and tension throughout.

Sanjay T (br) wrote: Violent but great hockey story!

James D (de) wrote: A vulgar, funny at times, but also an extremely smart romantic comedy. Judd Apatow's best film, and one of Seth Rogen's best performances. Knocked Up is a must see

Will V (gb) wrote: This is your average, straight to video, National Lampoon flick. Jon Bon Jovi was ok.. nothing spectacular.. A few laughs, but overall, there is a reason why it is straight to video!

Private U (au) wrote: I should have enjoyed this more than I did.

Tricia A (jp) wrote: Pales in comparison with HR's Karogei one. I love them three though...

Alex A (mx) wrote: i didnt see the whole thing but the part i saw was...... interesting

Adam R (de) wrote: A neat concept that works well. Brendan Fraser is excellent as a thirty-five year old man who has spent his whole life in a bomb shelter and is finally entering the world for the first time. It makes for an interesting comedy. I enjoyed the first half better than the second and thought it could have ended stronger, but it's a solid movie nonetheless. (First and only viewing - 8/17/2014)

Katrina k (de) wrote: qute nice movie to watch

Jenna I (kr) wrote: I loved the very MTV-esque art direction in this and how the world is super stylized but only enough that it still feels eerily familiar. I also liked the simplicity of this, a great balance of laugh out loud humor and touching life-is-beautiful moments. Definitely one of the best of the '90s and was probably a breath of fresh air to see coming out of the '80s...

Jens T (it) wrote: Alan J. Pakula's romantic comedy Starting over is the story about Phil Potter (Burt Reynolds) who resonantly divorced his ex-wife Jessica (Candice Bergen) a promising songwriter who also had an affair. While Jessica's future is promising, Phil moves to Boston where his brother lives (Charles Durning). The only thing that Phil can afford is a cheap apartment. One day, Phil invited on a double date, with his brother, his sister-in-law and a blind date. Which is the school teacher Marilyn (Jill Clayburgh) whom Phil falls for, but their relationship are some what fragile, because they are both resonantly divorced. Starting Over is a good comedy with great comic performances by Reynolds, Durning, Bergen and specially Jill Clayburgh, who after her Oscar-nominated performance in An Unmarried Woman is once again playing a feminist, only this time it's in a comical stereotypical way. The way she dresses with her knitwear. Her commitment to education, and her fear of being hurt. Starting over satirizes the rivalry between men and woman. Specially in those hilarious scenes where the female divorcee support groups is nagging the male group. Starting Over is a funny romantic comedy. It might feel to much of a feel good film. But it's still quit funny with some great comic performances. Thumbs up.

Sue S (br) wrote: Was really sweet dont wish this on anyone

Jenna S (au) wrote: Funny, heart-warming, feel-good flick. Loved it.

Garrett C (es) wrote: Do what you know is right even though no one may be watching. All human lives have value. Ordinary men can do extraordinary things. This is basically Spielberg's modern Capra-like take on the Cold War, and it is brilliant.

Adam R (fr) wrote: (First and only viewing - 2/22/2011)